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Yes, yes, I know October is over. And no, no, I'm not trying to live in the past. It is just that I had so much fun with the October Friday Comic series, I think I will keep it up until the ideas run out (or my drawing staff goes on strike.)

I really like how this one turned out. I esp. like the art. We went back and forth how best to convey this one, and I think Deanna captured everything perfectly.

Anyhoo, I hope you're enjoying reading the comics as much as I am enjoying coming up with them.
Friday November 2 2007File under: comic

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Friday Comic 4

For the final Friday of the month, we've called back in the first stringer. Not only did Deanna draw this week's comic, but she also gets co-writing credit for figuring out how to turn my super vague idea into something workable. I hope you enjoy!

(In this place where I usually link to the previous comics in the series, I will instead point out the new searching feature that will allow you to list all the comics on just one page. Click the "File under: comic" below.)
Thursday October 25 2007File under: comic

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Friday Comic 3

Send in the B-team!

With our first-string artist on a well deserved break, we had to reach down in the depths to find an artist for this week's comic: me. And while the artistry doesn't hold a candle to the work of Deanna, I like to think that it gets the point across just fine.

But don't worry, folks; next week I'll be back on the bench drawing-wise and we'll have a comic worthy of a Friday.

(I would link to all the previous comics in the series here, but 1) they are all within a few posts of this one and 2) to compare them to this one would be an insult to them)
Friday October 19 2007File under: comic

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Friday Comic 2

Here is the second in the October Friday series of comics. I personally think this one is more interesting in the art (again, courtesy of Deanna) than in the comic part, but I'll leave it up to you. Maybe for those of you who do sit at a desk all day, it will ring true. (Previous comics: Organic vs. Inorganic and Dating a Jeopardy Writer)

Speaking of which, I somehow got dragged back into the grind this week. I'm doing some contract work for PhotoWorks, the company I used to work for down in Seattle. I conceived of this comic well before I rejoined the rat race*. It is rather fitting, though.
Thursday October 11 2007File under: comic

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Friday Comic Number 1

Every Friday this month, we here at BdW will be featuring a home brew comic written by myself* me and drawn by Deanna. Our first collaboration, Dating a Jeopardy Writer, can be seen here. I hope you enjoy!

Click on the image to get a larger version.
Thursday October 4 2007File under: comic

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Dating a Jeopardy Writer

I often wish that I was more artistically inclined. I've known people in my life who can whip out the coolest sketches in no time. Give me enough time and art supplies, I will just end up with a bunch of paper cuts. Luckily, in lieu of art skills, I was blessed with at least functional skills of persuasion.

So when I got the idea for a comic, I applied those powers of persuasion to convince my very talented neighbor to collaborate* with me. The result turned out very nice, if I do say so myself. See for yourself.
Wednesday April 18 2007File under: comic

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