FC 136 - Sexiness Is Relative

Having spent the last 2 weeks hanging out with a dog, a number of dog related comic ideas found their way into my mind. This one is the one I chose for this week. Unfortunately, it isn't autobiographical. The poop scooping part, yes. As for the hot blonde acknowledging my responsibleness,, not so much. Alas. Maybe dog ownership isn't for me.

My other dog comic idea was too good to be true, so I looked it up thinking maybe someone else had done it. Oh, it's be done, that's for sure. I'll need to do some investigation to see if the way I was thinking of doing it is different enough to not be intellectual property rights infringement. If it is, there might be another dog comic on the way!

Either way, Happy Friday!!
Thursday March 3 2011File under: comic

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FC 135 - Overreaction is at Least an Action

All they've been able to talk about on the news is the storm that's blowing in, how commutes are going to be crazy, and to tune in for the latest school closures, etc. Well, the "storm" arrived today and there was some snow. And then about an hour later, it melted. But that was enough to cancel school, work, and put chains on the public buses. While out walking the dog, I saw a couple of school kids playing basketball in short sleeves. I'm not saying Portland is full of a bunch of wussies, but....

Anyway, it all got me thinking about how different places react differently to weather. In Wisconsin, a couple inches of snow doesn't even rate a call to the superintendent, I bet. In, say, Portland, merely the mention of snow in the forecast pretty much seals the deal.

Anyway, if you don't think this comic is funny*, I hope you can at least find humor in this mass overreaction to snow that so characterizes unaccustomed places. Because that's what I was going for.
Thursday February 24 2011File under: comic

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FC 134 - A Clown and a Ninja Walk Into a Bar...

Funny how a comic can pan out. I drew this whole comic except for the clown and ninja with a completely different caption in mind. But with it all together, I found it lacking. Then, with a bam and a boom, this is what I got. I like this much better. It just goes to show you that the original plan isn't always the best and you should always keep an open mind along the way.

For those of you who don't remember back to the early days of Friday Comics, the clown and ninja are an allusion back to these couple comics from over 2 years ago. In reading back over the comments from when those were posted, I realized 1) the body of readers I have is quite different than today* 2) I think there really might be something to this clown and ninja combo. Perhaps I'll add them to the list of my recurring characters along with the Hippie Mafia.
Thursday February 17 2011File under: comic

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FC 133 - One Mans Trash...

Partially inspired by real life events, partially social commentary, and partially an attempt at being just plain funny, this comic has a lot of parts. It also has a lot of words, not exactly how I prefer my comics. I was debating turning it into a three panel, but that's just so much work (and I was already cutting corners on this with the repeated background). Anyway, I hope I didn't make the font too small that it is unreadable. I know for a fact that there will need to be some reworking for it before it goes in Friday Comics 2: Yep, Another Book*.

So a question for you: did you read the long speech bubble first or the one from the boss? It won't make sense if you read the long one first, but I can see how one might, being that it is higher up. Oh the intricacies of making comics.

While this idea started out as a total joke, I wonder if at some point, somewhere, this idea was actually thought of in these terms, if not in boosting the economy, at least inflating profits at airport stands. I've heard of the government doing crazier things...
Thursday February 10 2011File under: comic

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FC 132 - Tie-Dye Tuxedo

Procedural note: I don't how many of you actually read this blurb I include with the Friday Comic or if you read it before or after opening the comic. If it matters, I assume that you are reading this blurb *after* opening the comic, so I don't try to conceal spoilers. If you are in the habit of reading the blurb first, please take that into account. That is all.

I haven't been this excited about a comic in quite a while, not so much for how it turned out (although I'm not displeased with the outcome) but more just for the idea. In my excitement, I was thinking this could turn into a whole series or even a whole new comic! But then I realized I'm just barely getting one comic per week out and adding to that might not be the most feasible thing. There is a chance, however, of the Hippie Mafia making a return in a future comic. Perhaps they could be battled by Moon Man.
Thursday February 3 2011File under: comic

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FC 131 - Non-standard Commute

Yes that's supposed to be a zebra. As I've noticed before (and I think I've even commented on it), animals are harder to draw than people. In the past, I've mostly traced my animals (birds, cats, cows, dogs (though for some reason I've been prone to freehanding chickens)). This time, however, I was determined to do it myself. Afterall, how am I supposed to grow as an artist unless I push myself.

I was also halfway tempted to do this as a caption contest comic. While I like the idea and the drawing, I'm not totally satisfied with the punchline. In that spirit, please feel free to add your own in the comments below. If yours is better than mine, I might just do a switcharoo before putting it in my next comic collection*.
Thursday January 27 2011File under: comic


FC 130 - Live or Die By Our Standards

I'm a picky eater—some might say extremely picky eater. I always hide behind my supertasterism, but I know there is a hint of pickiness as well. This week, however, I've been shamed by a few eaters even pickier than me. Their qualms, however, don't stem from taste but from all the other Pollan-esque aspects of food. Not that I'm one to judge, but I was highly entertained by it all to the point of having to do up a comic about it.

Speaking of comics, I know BdW is starting to seem like a comic only blog. Don't worry. I left that Friday Comic - Book Edition post up for so long in hopes that my work in conceiving, drawing, and compiling these comics would receive a little more support*. But now I understand. Self-publication of a unskilled comic artist isn't your bag. Don't worry. I won't cry. Probably.

Anyway, don't run away. More, fun, non-comic posts will be on their way shortly, hopefully. Until then, I hope you enjoy this week's comic. Happy Friday!
Thursday January 20 2011File under: comic

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FC 129 - Backup Plan

What did you do with your Thursday? I spent all day essentially putting together the back page of a newspaper. There was this comic, of course. (And if you don't get it, don't feel bad. I think it isn't the most obvious (or funny) of jokes. Here* is an explanation.)

Another good chunk of my day was spent putting together the latest* in my ever growing catalog of crosswords. These take me quite a bit longer to create and are enjoyed by much fewer people*, but I like making them a lot. And I imagine that I'm a lot closer to attaining professional crossword creator status than getting any comics published.

Anyway, a comic and a crossword - what more could you ask for on a newspapers back page? Maybe a horoscope? Here you go: you will read a semi-funny today.

Overall, not a bad way to spend a day. Oh, and I made a quiche. But that doesn't quite fit the whole newspaper back page thing.
Thursday January 13 2011File under: comic

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FC 128 - Gas Guzzler Free

I spent the last couple days hanging out with my buddy Ryan in Pueblo, CO. He is super into the bike scene there and, among other things, runs a blog about alternative transportation in Pueblo. Anyway, while out on a long bike ride (in which I got really lost and decided that biking into the wind is possibly my version of hell) and having everything biking on the my mind, I got this idea for a comic (not having anything to do with biking into the wind).

I waited until Thursday night to start drawing it and it turned out to be more complicated than anticipated (what with all the people, etc.). So I borrowed a few elements from previous comics. Can you spot any repeats?

Anyway, happy Friday to you all. Maybe, in addition to a slight chuckle, this comic might inspire you to do your part to get into Carbon Heaven. Ed Begley Jr. will totally be there.
Thursday January 6 2011File under: comic

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FC 127 - Kung Pao

Very much in the same vein as the recent Economics of Knitting post, this comic was inspired by how cheap things can be* despite how much goes into them.

The idea actually came from a friend while we chatted over a piece of pie for breakfast*, although, of course, he wasn't thinking of it in terms of a comic, just as one of those thing in life that is kind of amazing/funny.

Anyhoo, I'm on kind of a tight schedule getting this comic out the door and it ended up missing some random parts (like an actual chicken, for example) so you might have to use your imagination. But hopefully it will inspire not only to make you chuckle, but also to stop and think next time you are at the store and be filled with appreciation for the amazement that surrounds you.
Friday December 31 2010File under: comic

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