FC 56 - Freedom Is Just Another Word

This week, I'm going to have to bypass the usual banter and disclaimers warning of an unfunny comic, etc. etc. In just a short while, I'm headed into shore to hook up with a local taxi driver (that comes highly recommended) to take a tour of Grednada and then be dropped off on the north side of the island to spend some time up there. And I haven't even started packing yet. What I will say, though, is that this is the comic I have been sitting on for a few weeks while that multi-panel comic plot was playing itself out that I talked about being so excited about. So for disclaimers, etc. you can go back and check that out.

(Oh, and because of the nature of the aspect ratio of this one, I will include the text from the 3rd panel here, in case it is unreadable on your computer. "Johnny would have never guessed that the inspiration that served to change his life would come from curbside furniture.")
Friday December 19 2008File under: comic

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FC 54 - The Rebuttal

You can tell right away, dear long time reader, that this comic wasn't made by me. Not because it is inferior in artistic quality or joke caliber. Quite the opposite I would say. Any pen and paper drawing automatically gets props above any paint shop pro-ed drawing. As for the joke caliber, I genuinely LOLed.

Ms. Hannah (of HBadventure) provided this comic without so much as a paint fill bucket click by me. It is her rebuttal to my recent series (that stars a character that may or may not be loosely based on her). (If you haven't been following that series, allow me to refresh your memory.) Throw in a little game night inside jokery, and voila.

Inside jokes are funny. So is this comic. Thanks Hannah! (P.S. See? One panel comics can be funny!)
Thursday December 4 2008File under: comic

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FC 53 - Reverse Facepalm (a.k.a. Not Funny)

I "drew" this comic completely left-handedly. I hurt my right wrist kayaking last week (and I suppose attempting to help move heavy rocks and play a couple high stakes games of frisbee last weekend didn't help). Luckily, following the lead of a co-working a couple years ago, I got into the habit of periodically switching which hand I use to mouse around, so I've become somewhat mousebedextrious.

Anyhoo, as the title implies, this comic isn't necessarily supposed to be funny. I'm trying out a common comic artist/author trick of using a holiday as an excuse to write a non-funny comic and instead expressing the sentiment of the holiday. As I may have mentioned before, Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday and not only for the food. All week, I've been thinking of what I'm thankful for. As with the comic version of me*, my list would spill onto the floor. Hopefully, having this comic in the archives* will remind me (and anyone else who stumbles upon it) that anytime is a good time for taking stock of those things we are thankful for.
Friday November 28 2008File under: comic

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FC 52 - Facepalm

I had a different comic all lined up for this week. It was another multi-panel one, but not so much story based. In fact, it is one that I have been thinking about for a while and the idea held significant meaning for me recently. With the way it turned out, however, it is unlikely that anyone else would get as much enjoyment out of it. And since last week's comic got more comments* than any other one of late, I figured I'd go ahead and continue that saga.

While I will go ahead and say it for legal reasons, we pretty much all know it isn't true: resemblence of any persons in this, or any other Friday, comic is strictly coincidence. As the story evolves, however, that might become more true. Plus it is good to have out there in case wrath is incurred.
Thursday November 20 2008File under: comic

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FC 51 - 6 Panels for Hannah

My first foray into the multi-panel genre of comic creation is dedicated to my dear friend Hannah. If you didn't follow the little thread that was started by my post last month and rebutted by Hannah's post, you probably won't find this funny. In fact, even if you did follow it, you might not find it funny. Perhaps I should change my comic series name to Unfunny Comics du Wren. I could corner the market. Too bad Family Circus already has such a head start. ZING! (Oh how it hurts even seeing my comics compared to that of Family Circus.*)

As for this multi-panel format, I could see myself getting into it. I took the Red Meat* approach: essentially repeating the same panel over and over just changing the words. Huzzah for cut and paste!

Friday November 14 2008File under: comic

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FC 50 - Options

This is the last election comic, I promise (at least for this election cycle). Friday Comics are supposed to be fun, to cause a giggle, not to gripe or make a statement. I know I've thrown in an "editorial" comic here and there over the past 50(!) comics, and I will probably throw a couple more in during the 50 to come, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

I was going to claim that this was a guest comic artist who did his own thing so as to deflect some of the democracy fervor that might manifest itself in the form of nasty comments. But after looking at the finished comic, it was plainly evident that this is done in my style. Then I got kind of excited that I have a style*. It ain't no Rose Is Rose, but I might go as far as to say that, artistically, it puts some of those stick figure comics to shame. Syndication, here I come!
Thursday November 6 2008File under: comic

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FC 49 - Halloween Quickie

Just a quickie this Friday because I spent the week working and travelling rather than poking at my computer's drawing program. I'm actually kind of proud at how quickly I whipped this one out (although the pride quickly subsides when the comic is actually read).

Anyway, I wanted an excuse to say Happy Halloween to everyone and encourage everyone who chooses to dress up to be sure and get a picture of themselves doing so. Seeing other people's costumes, esp. homemade and clever ones*, are what make this holiday fun now that the man says we pseudo-adults can't go around getting all sorts of free candy and what-not.
Friday October 31 2008File under: comic


FC 48 - My Opponent Says...

I don't seem to be able to go a day without hearing of the impending elections, try as I might. The majority of the coverage I hear isn't about how these 2 fellas are going to make things better, but more about how the other one is going to make things worse. Last week, I guess it was, something good came of all the bashing: this comic!

I tried a hand drawn copy of this first but it was bad–we're talking really bad. I guess this computer stuff is my medium and I just need to accept that. The inability to draw really kind of hinders the comic making process. The brute force method via a drawing program works, but by golly it takes a while. That's okay. You know what they say: time wasted having fun is not time wasted at all.
Friday October 24 2008File under: comic

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FC 47 - Synergy

I came up with this idea a while ago after hearing some trendy buzzword being co-opted by some corporation to sell something. (Chances are, it was some company advertising themselves as green*.) Well, just last night, not 24 hours after I actually started putting this comic together, I heard someone talking about Slow Food Nation, a slow food conference in San Francisco. The topic of what they ate at the festival came up*, so the woman started talking about how there were booths where you stood in line and got your food (much like at any other festival). Everyone had a good laugh at the seeming irony and I got to try out my little line. People seemed to like it. I hope you like it too.
Thursday October 9 2008File under: comic

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FC 46 - Meat Huffer

Last weekend, I found myself looking back through the archive of comics here on BdW and grew incredibly nostalgic. While I know many of you don't much care for the comics*, I like them. They make me smile. And if nothing else, a blog should at least humor its author. So with that said, I would like to announce the reinstation* of the Friday Comic Series. Who knows how much longer it will go, but I hope for years and years and years (or at least until I have enough good ones to make a hugely profitable book).

Yeah, so I put this one together (obviously). I sketched out a slightly doodilier version while in a meeting at work, and was planning on scanning it in, but then I didn't.* Being that I've got a couple more weeks of doing the work thing, maybe I will try another meeting sketch comic. I find that nothing inspires creativity like meetings. (Granted, the creativity usually has nothing to do with the topic of the meeting, but still...)

(Oh, and it is worth noting that it is practically the one year anniversary of the Friday Comic Series. But I'll save the thank you speech and reminiscing until FC 52.)
Thursday October 2 2008File under: comic

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