FC 116 - Greasing Those Heavenly Wheels

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, folks. My excuse (and I like to think it is a good one) is that I've been working, like a real job, 40 hours, 9-5, and all that. While the feeling of accomplishment and paycheck is great, it sure doesn't leave much time for the finer points in life (like blog posts).

Anyhoo, I did have time to put together a comic. (If you think it subpar, we'll blame it again on the lack of time.) I don't suppose you remember FC 43, eh? Well, it was another gates of Heaven comic. Viewing the same subject drawn over 2 years apart* is kind of interesting.

Anyhoo, the whole working life thing shouldn't keep up for too much longer so hopefully I'll get back to living an interesting enough life that I can come up with 3 things to post about a week. Until then, I'll try to come up with some interesting filler. On an up note, it's Friday, and for the first time in a long time, that means something to me! Happy Friday to us all!
Thursday September 2 2010File under: comic

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FC 115 - Hey Baby

Straight out of real life, this one. Not inspired by real life or the idea spurred by something in real life, but straight out of real life. A friend of mine actually said this (although I forget what her real sign is). Anyway, I laughed really hard until I saw that she wasn't joking. I explained to her why I thought it was so funny and asked her permission to use it as a comic. She said yes. So here it is.

Besides the look on the guy's face, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. Using glasses on someone instead of having to draw eyes is so much easier. I'll have to do that always from now on. Luckily we all know that people who wear glasses (or contacts) are super cool.
Thursday August 26 2010File under: comic

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FC 114 - Stormy Weather

After doing up this comic, I'm halfway tempted to try this. Sure maybe not with my going to work clothes (ha!) but maybe with a few items just to see. And lord knows that I live in a pretty good place for such an experiment. Torrential rains, like they get in the Midwest would be better, but those can't be counted on. So keep an eye out this fall for a dude in a raincoat out hanging up clothes on the line.

Yet another comic without having to draw people. I love it! Maybe I'll start specializing in these exclustively. Lord knows it would save time (because we all know that my time is in high demand and every second saved is preciously put to better use elsewhere.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Oprah and take a nap.
Thursday August 19 2010File under: comic

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FC 113 -- More Science Equals More Fun

You know how some people work best under a deadline? Well, it turns out that isn't me, at least not the creative part of me (I can bang out some awesome code last minute, but thinking of something funny or putting the finishing touches on a comic doesn't just flow like that). For this week's comic, for no reason in particular (because I had very little going on today), I waited until about 10:00pm to finish up, which includes the most important part: captioning and dialog. You'll see how it turned out. I'm not super stoked.

But I sure did have fun doing this comic. Cars, balloons, and only half-people made for a rather easy time. And during the drawing process, I came up with another hot air balloon based comic, so hopefully that will be busted out here soon. We'll see. Anyway, happy Friday!!
Thursday August 12 2010File under: comic

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FC 112 - Taking Science To the Streets

Did you take a logic class in college? I didn't but wish that I had. I think I would have been good at it, plus it shows up in all sorts of nerd comics around the internet. Not that Friday Comics is a nerd comic (because a nerd comic would have to be written by a nerd, which we all know that I am not*)

Anyway, if I had taken a logic class in college, I could have probably come up with a better word than "paradox" to explain what is going on there. "Irony" is another one we* played with, because it would be ironic if a person honked at the sign, but after reading a few definitions of "paradox", that's what I decided to go with.

Anyway, I hope the nerdienss of it all doesn't stop you from having a spectacular Friday.
Thursday August 5 2010File under: comic

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FC 111 - Buy You Some Peanuts and WHAT

I could see this comic idea becoming a series. Or, if I was a syndicated comickist*, I could put maybe 3 of these next to each other and make a good Sunday-sized panel. But, alas, I'm just a lowly hobbyist comickist, so this will have to do. But maybe I'll bust the idea back out when comic ideas run low, or when I need a couple of off-blog comics to add to my book to make it more sellable*.

I do, however, encourage you to add your own onomatopoetically named sport in the comments. What if synchronized swimming was named "splish splash"? Or boxing "oof"? We're a smart bunch here. We can come up with some good ideas I'm sure.

P.S. The title of this post should really include a "?" at the end, but this crappy blog software doesn't allow for special characters in the post titles. Lame.

P.P.S. A reader who got a preview of this comic pointed out that some people might not know the word "onomatopoetically". dictionary.com defines it as [the adverbial form of] "the formation of words whose sound is imitative of the sound of the noise or action designated, such as hiss, buzz, and bang". Now we know.
Thursday July 29 2010File under: comic

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FC 110 - Wheeeeee!

As you all know, I don't really need a new reason to ride public transportation. "Oh, that bus is a new color. I must ride it", "I've got 13 minutes left on my transfer. I'd better not let that go to waste", or "new route? Sure I don't need to go that way, but a new route is a new route". But some people are still working to overcome the hurdle of becoming users of public transit.

With increasing ridership in mind, I've submitted a proposal to the cities of Atlanta, Miami, and Detroit* to install roller coaster based transit systems. Think of the impact this could have: people clamber to ride public transit instead of driving because it is so fun, children get hooked at a young age possibly going on to never own a personal car, the system pays for itself by lost change under the loop-d-loop, new jobs will be created for saw dust shovelers to cover "transit related sicknesses"—the list goes on and on.

Or maybe we can all just have a chuckle at the thought. Happy Friday!
Friday July 23 2010File under: comic

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FC 109 - Seeking an Outlet

I'm pleased to report that Friday Comics are back! The reason I'm pleased is not only because I've missed them, but I've gotten a few compliments and inquiries of late about them. It is always nice to know that your work is appreciated and since this is what passes for my work these days, I'll take it.

I had a few great comic ideas find their way into my brain over the last month, and I hope to let some of them out soon (as I don't have many travel plans in the near future (although one never knows...)). So stay tuned (if you want) for the [attempted] cubicle comforting routine I call Friday Comics.
Thursday July 15 2010File under: comic

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FC 108 - Cinematic Remake...With a Twist

Disclaimer: This comic contains a bad word.

If you can't tell what is going on on the movie screen there, it's because drawing a close-up of lips turns out to be really really hard. I tried. I failed. So I overlaid the actual screenshot from Citizen Kane and fiddled with the opacity. I probably should have just used the straight screenshot, but I guess I've become too proud. Back in the day, tracing, cutting, and pasting were the name of the game. Today I just can't bring myself to do it. (Although it is pretty obvious that this hybrid is probably the worst of both worlds.)

Anyhoo, I'm guessing this is going to be my last Friday comic for a couple weeks. Tomorrow I hit the road so will hopefully have some interesting stories to tell and pictures to share. But, as always, Friday Comics will be back as soon as things are back to normal and I have lots of blog space to fill.
Friday June 11 2010File under: comic

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FC 107 - I Aint Lying

Undoubtedly spurred to action by the noticeable absence* of the Friday Comic last week, loyal reader (and previous comic contributer) Horge put together (conceived, wrote, and drew (totally awesomely, BTW)) this one so as to make sure we all don't go another week without a comic. Thanks for the break, Horge.

In my defense, my trip to Montreal, while work related, was still technically travel which is one of the acceptable exemptions under Friday Comic code (142.14 A sec. 23). And there's another comic-hiatus-due-to-travel in the near future, so be warned. But remember, there's always the comic archives* if you want to remember an old favorite.

But we are here and now and enjoying this comic by Horge. There's even a story to it involving poorly translated Bosnian newspapers and Tiger Woods. But I'll let him tell it in the comments. Take it away, Horge.
Friday June 4 2010File under: comic

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