FC 146 - Soups On

To start, I have to get a few excuses out of the way. First off, if you happened to notice the lack of a Friday Comic last week, it was because I was Sh'banging*. While it would have been possible to take a break from all the preparations and fun to quickly put together a comic, I chose to be in the moment instead. Secondly, the reasons for the late post time on today's comic are two-fold. I am on Lopez Island, helping set up for Juggle Fest (possibly the best juggling festival on the West Coast). Last night, I was down at the bakery mixing, baking, transporting, and testing all the wonderful baked goods for the fest. Then, the power went out all over the island. I guess thats one of the hiccups of island life.

Anyway, without further ado, here's this week's comic. One benefit of the week delay is that I got to "workshop", bouncing ideas and punch lines off a few people. The one I finally setted on wasn't even close to what I was originally thinking of, so I'm super glad for the help.
Friday September 16 2011File under: comic

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FC 145 - Teach a Man to Fish

The idea for this comic came while on Chautauqua tour where over half of our troupe of 49 people could juggle in some capacity. I suppose technically, the idea wholly came from our bus driver. I did, however, tweak a thing or two before comicizing it. I hope it works.

Perhaps this is a joke that only jugglers or circus folk will get. Or perhaps only we will think it is funny. But it is one of those pretty close to true jokes in that most of the jugglers I know aren't employed, at least in the traditional sense. Whether that is an effect of the juggling or perhaps a cause, I couldn't tell you. What I do know is that if the drawing was done a little better*, this would make a fun t-shirt for to sell at a juggling festival. Maybe it is time that Friday Comics hits the product mainstream. T-shirts, mugs, calendars, and more for everyone!

Or maybe I will just try to keep comic coming on a regular basis. Happy Friday!
Thursday September 1 2011File under: comic

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FC 144 - I Dont Get It

Monday is the new Friday! Okay, not forever, but for this week, Monday will act in lieu of Friday for comic day. "Why?" you ask. Well, Thursday, normal comic posting day*, I was down at Bobland checking out the the Zenga Bros/Winking Circle Eccentrification Tour. (P.S. It was awesome.) Then, Friday-Sunday, I was at the quarry for the first Lookout Arts Quarry Circus Campout. (P.S. It was awesome too.) So that's why the comic is coming on Monday instead of Friday.

As for the comic, meh. Again, not a great execution from concept to comic. But hopefully people will see the idea behind it all and maybe have a chuckle. Anyway, happy Monday!
Sunday August 28 2011File under: comic

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FC 143 - Kids Say the Naivest Things

Back at it! I still have a Chautauqua or two post up my sleeve but I couldn't help but jumping back into the Friday Comics as soon as possible. The idea for this one came along the Al-Can highway, seeing a nice sky marred by smokestack output. Someone commented "cloud factory!" and the comic idea was born.

The drawing was initially an exact take on the Texaco/Shell* refineries here on Fidalgo Island but perspective reared its ugly head and I had to do a little coast line tweaking. You may notice that not all perspective/scale elements are fixed, but I suppose that is what lends Friday Comics their charm, right?

Anyway, I hope you have a great Friday (summer Fridays are the hardest to be stuck at a desk).
Friday August 19 2011File under: comic


FC 142 - View from the Top

Procrastination is quite amazing. So many times, I spend all of Thursday dinking around, doing nothing in particular, and waiting until the last minute to put together the week's comic. But on a day when I have more to do than time*, I find myself diligently getting the comic done by 5:00 in the afternoon. Really, it is amazing how procrastination works.

What did I have to do today? Glad you asked. I had to pack for a month long camping/circus trip. And get all my business attended to. Rumor has it that Alasqua isn't as wifi friendly as the lower 48. Anyway, more about that adventure soon.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the comic. It seems like such an obvious joke that I can't imagine that it hasn't been done before. But, as they say, there's no such thing as an original thought. At least I know my drawing style will never be copied. And if it does, I pity the fool.
Thursday July 14 2011File under: comic

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FC 141 - Modern Day Indulgences

So many things I could say about this comic. "Artistically", there are a few. For one, I'm pretty dang proud of my stained-glass piece (even if it is kind of obnoxious...). Secondly, I'm trying out a new style of not using black lines everywhere and then filling them in. In this comic, I'm trying it only with the husband and wife.

The inspiration for this comic comes from a number of my friends who have gone to www.getordainedonline.com* and become ordained in order to perform marriage ceremonies. One of them even insists on using a Reverend in front of her name*.

Anyway, happy Friday! (Summertime Fridays are probably the hardest for cubicle dwellers (or at least they were for me, back in the day. So hopefully, if there are any cubicle folks out there reading this, I hope you enjoy!)
Friday July 8 2011File under: comic

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FC 140 - Blood Drool

There's a funny cycle to the ideas for my comics. When I come up with one, I usually think it is incredible funny. And down the road, when I look back on them, I feel a sense of pride in having done it and usually chuckle a bit as well. But in the middle, when I'm actually making and posting the comic, I'm not so sure. Perhaps that is the way it is meant to be.

Anyway, that's my story for this comic. "Dude mistaken for vampire because he has gingivitis" seemed hilarious at the get-go. Now that it's all framed up, it just doesn't make me giggle the same way. Alas. Hopefully it is just me, and you will find it hilarious. Or at least mildly amusing.

Anyway, happy Friday and happy July!
Friday July 1 2011File under: comic

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FC 139 - One Pun Too Far

Friday Comics are back!! It feels like it has been a really really long time since I have drawn a comic. Over three months. Wow. Anyway, on the road, I came up with a couple ideas that I liked, so I'm excited to get back to one of my favorite weekly traditions.

This comic idea, however, came from my dad. Kind of. I don't want to put all the blame there. In fact, the part that I did (besides the drawing (which I forgot how time consuming it is)), the bottom blurb, didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I had an inspiration to change it at the last minute, and, well, we'll see. *.

Anyhoo, happy Friday! I hope you find the return of Friday Comics at least partly as exciting as I do.
Thursday June 23 2011File under: comic

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FC 138 - Remember Me...

Perhaps this comic is a day late. And perhaps even it is a dollar short. But either way, it is what it is and the concept makes me laugh, esp. as I saw people roaming around Penn Station in New York City dressed all in green with that "I'm going to go so drunk I can't even tweet" look in their eyes. Oh to be young and stupid...*

As per usual, this comic isn't meant to offend. I'm not trying to put down saints or Irish or hospitals or checkered floors. It's just a kooky idea that found it's way into my head that I decided to make into a comic.

Much to some of your relief, this will be the last Friday Comic for a while. It was a stretch even to get this one out (hence the late posting hour). But hopefully the lack of comics means more good stuff on the blog and more adventure for yours truly. But rest assured, once I'm back on American soil, Friday Comics will be back with me. If you need a Friday fix, check out the archives or maybe even go buy a copy of the book!
Friday March 18 2011File under: comic


FC 137 - Ode to Portland

I'm constantly learning new things about making comics. One area I still have a lot to learn is the framing of a scene. I start out with the background, then the people, and lastly, add in the speech bubbles. Often times, however, the speech bubble(s) cover a background element that I spent a lot of time on (or I thought was a neat addition). Case in point, the window/painting* -- I did some nice color fades in the water and the sunset, drew a nice boat, etc. etc. but it all got covered up. I could change font sizes or stretch the canvas, but I guess I'll just let it slide, and chalk it up to a lesson learned.

Anyhoo, I tip my hat to Andrew for the idea behind this week's comic. I tried to get him to draw it, but he wouldn't agree to making it appropriate (specifically he was non-committal as to whether the drawing would have bare butts in it). I hope this ass-less version lives up to Andrew's standards and garners a chuckle or two with ya'll. Happy Friday!
Thursday March 10 2011File under: comic

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