FC 156 - Grammar Nazis Unite

A promise is a promise, and I like to keep my promises. And last week, I promised a new comic. So what if 11:30 rolls around and I haven't started drawing yet. Who cares if it's almost 1:30 and I still haven't clicked "submit" yet. I'm just a dedicated kind of guy.

And despite all the last minute-ness, I'm pretty stoked on the comic. I had some great help on the slogans and caption. Writing comics is so much more fun with two. Anyway, I hope you like it, the first Friday Comic of the new year!

Oh, and just because I make a comic about having proper grammar doesn't mean you have free reign to attack all my grammar mistakes. (Although I suppose I'm not opposed to a little editorial review)

Oh2. If you haven't gotten a chance to click through to my entry into Potluck Comics, I'd love it if you did so. There's big moneys on the line and every click, like, and tweet makes a difference.
Friday January 6 2012File under: comic

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FC 155 - The Downside of LEDs

Ho ho ho! Merry everyone! The Friday Comic is coming a little late today but since I figure of the few people that still read, and of those the few that still have desk jobs, and of those, the few that have to work today, we aren't dealing with masses that will rise up in protest when they don't find the Friday Comic up first thing. (And after all, I consider it a miracle that stuff gets posted at all anymore, what with the current blogging economy and all.)

There are about 4 other punch lines I contemplated for this comic. Hopefully you'll get a chuckle out of this one. And I hope this doesn't come across as a blasting of holiday decorating. I love seeing a well done lights display. Heck, I'm even a fan of over the top, Clark Griswald style displays. The inflatables, though, and the outlined reindeer and sleighs, etc. I could do without.

Anyway, Happy St. Presents Day to all and to all good night.
Friday December 23 2011File under: comic

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FC 154 - Slurm

While making this week's comic, I am reminded why I don't do multipanel comics very often: they're tedious. As much fun was I was having drawing* aliens, this took a long time. But I do it because I care.

But what a crazy concept: what will we do when we find intelligent life. Notice how I say when instead of if. Of course it is going to happen. And probably even in my life time. Even if we don't establish contact, we're bound to find evidence of it. SO CRAZY! What an amazing miracle this universe is.

And that is your Friday thought for the day: the amazing universe we live in and how big business will be the first to exploit it. Happy Friday!
Friday December 9 2011File under: comic

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FC 153 - Frail to the Chief

I was halfway tempted to save this comic for next week and instead do a Thanksgiving comic (like that Google one I did a couple years back). It was going to be a big fat guy at a fully loaded dining room table, holding up a turkey leg and stein full of beer, saying "I'm thankful for triple by-pass surgeries". I didn't get around to it. Alas. Maybe next year.

One thing that I did try this time around is to think a little outside the box. Or, more specifically, do a speech bubble outside of the box. We'll see how that pans out. Ain't it grand that over 4 years into this comic creating foray, there are still new things to try!

(Oh, and for the record, I would totally vote for a grandma for president. As long as she wears a shawl, says "sonny boy", and doesn't cave to corporate interests, she's got my support!)
Thursday November 24 2011File under: comic

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FC 152 - Science Demands More Pie

I love the concept of using science to argue for something ridiculous. "Beer kills off the weaker brain cells to allow for the growing of new stronger ones." Or "watching the football game instead of mowing the lawn is just respecting my biologic need for violence and competition. To do otherwise would be unnatural." Okay, so maybe those aren't the best examples. But the one in this comic, I'd say, is pretty dang good. It comes by way of a friend who goes as far as to call it a theory. How scientific is that?

Another great mix of science and dessert consumption is I once knew a woman who had a style of cutting brownies that always left a little corner to be cut off to nibble on. And when that one was cut off, a new one would materialize. Who says advanced geometry isn't useful in the real world?

So besides being able to wish you a Happy Friday today, I also want to point out that it is 11-11-11*. (I thought I'd go nerdy all around this time.)
Thursday November 10 2011File under: comic



As promised, here's another Halloween comic. I know it is probably too late for you to use it as a guide for this year's costume, but for those last minute folks*, perhaps it can be some inspiration.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, funny, well done, or totally amazing costumes are pretty much the life-blood of the daily internet sites these days. From babies dressed as ewoks to dogs wearing batman costumes, Halloween makes for some good internet fodder.

As for me, I'm not dressing up...unless on the off chance I get a wild hair on Monday. But if I do, maybe I'll shoot for something really scary, perhaps inspired by this comic. But just how would one dress as 'American Politics'?

Happy Friday and happy Halloween!
Thursday October 27 2011File under: comic

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FC 150 - Candy is Dandy

Somebody made my day this week by telling me that she looked forward to the Friday Comic all week long. While I suspect this was a slight exaggeration*, it made me smile big. It also prodded me into doing a comic this week which I wasn't planning to do, what with all the real working I've been doing.

But here it is. Up until I actually opened GIMP*, I was planning on doing a different comic, although also Halloween related. Instead I did this one. Hopefully I will do the other one next week. And then maybe even one more before Halloween. Maybe 3 Halloween themed comics will make up for the terrible terrible pumpkin one I did a few years ago.

Now that I've started working again, Fridays once again mean something (rather than just an upcoming change in bus schedule). So now I too rejoice in the end of the week, and for more than a comic (although a comic helps :-) )
Thursday October 20 2011File under: comic

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FC 149 - No Money Down

I'm not stoked on this comic. In fact, I'm so not stoked that I considered not posting it. But then I remembered that people like different comics. Ones that I'm tepid on, people will tell me it is their favorite. My favorite ones often get a meh response. So I'm putting it out there anyway, if only to keep up the tradition (and maybe get a chuckle or two from someone out there).

It's not the concept that I don't like. In fact, the idea of some parental action causing the need for therapy down the road therefore offsetting the cost today is one that came up in real life that we laughed about. In fact, "that's a comic idea!" I'm sure rolled off my tongue. But the baby in a cage isn't a right fit, in my opinion. But I got time crunched* and got too invested before I changed my mind, so I had to live with it.

Anyway, that's more insight than you could have possibly wanted into this week's comic. Happy Friday!
Thursday October 6 2011File under: comic

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FC 148 - Four Letter Word for Hottie

Ah comic day... I'm super stoked on this week's comic because it has a cute girl and a crossword puzzle in it. What could be better*?

Speaking of comics, have you heard of the site reddit.com*? It allows its users to submit content on a particular category, and then the content is rated by other users basically making it a place to find the latest internet happenings on any given topic. In practice, there is a lot of nerd-ism and insider-ness to it, but the theory is sound.

Anyway, last week, I submitted 2 comics, one to the /r/comics category and one to /r/juggling. To watch the fallout of said postings was supremely interesting to me. Seeing how much traffic it drove, the comments, the up and down votes, and the visitors paths all kept me entertained for a few days. It also raised many questions including esoteric ones such as why do I want people to read my comics? and more. Anyway, while I'm sure I didn't get any new readers, it was an experiment that I might have to try again sometime soon.

(Oh, speaking of crosswords, I just finished up my latest crossword About Time. It hasn't been proofed by my editor yet, but if you want to have a shot, let me know what you think.)
Thursday September 29 2011File under: comic

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FC 147 - If a Tree Chokes in the Woods...

This week represents another co-opted comic idea, but it was just too good to pass up. Don't worry, it's not stolen from another comic, just life.

On another, non-thievery note, I tried a little experiment this go 'round. I didn't use the straight line tool at all*. One surprising note is that it went a whole lot quicker. Maybe it was from content (fewer people always makes for faster comics), or maybe the traditional way is that much faster. Overall, I'm not displeased with how it turned out.

Anyway, for this first day of fall, I hope you start it out with a chuckle. Happy Friday!
Friday September 23 2011File under: comic

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