FC 45 - Ready Set Stand

I again turn over this week's comic to the capable hands and mind of Annie out in Arlington VA. Rumor has it that she had help on this one from Katherine in NYC. (Isn't it great that we get such community involvement!)

While talking over this idea, we had a lot of fun with all the possibilities; different events that could be included, different medal criterion (to each according to his needs), etc. I'll admit that the final layout Annie decided on has me a little confused ("potatoes"?), but I get a good chuckle out of it anyway. I hope you do to.

(Oh, and I think the Olympics are great and China is doing a good job hosting them and there isn't a subversive political aspect to this comic.)
Friday August 15 2008File under: comic

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FC 44 - The Biz

Deanna comes through again with another awesome split-panel, bear/telephone comic*. I only hope that I didn't botch it all up with my coloring and whatnot.

In thinking about this comic, I also started thinking about Picky Oony the Worm. When I ran the idea by a few people, I got the impression that Mr. Oony was quite a bit less well known that Mr. Wuzzy. Have you heard of Picky Oony the Worm? (If not, I'm running to the nearest children's book publisher and starting myself a franchise.)
Thursday August 7 2008File under: comic

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FC 43 - The Little Things

You guys are stuck with me as an artist again this week. Hopefully we'll get another guest artist in soon. But for a change of pace, I cast the mouse aside and picked up a pencil, just like the pros do. Granted I came back through and spent twice as much time touching it up and coloring things with the computer as I did making the initial drawing in pencil, but the bulk of it was comic making just like our forefathers did.

This comic was inspired by a feeling evoked on a trip to Fred Meyer* this week. I won't ruin the comic for you if you happen to be reading this blurb first, but I will say that I was reminded of life's little pleasures. Speaking of life's little pleasures, what would be on your welcome to heaven billboard?
Thursday July 31 2008File under: comic

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FC 42 - You Talk a Big Game

Do you think writers of t.v. shows ever look at the finished product and think, "Damn, that didn't turn out nearly as well as it was in my head"? Or maybe the director of, say, Jury Duty* felt the need to get up in front of audiences and apologize for what they were about to see, because although in his head, the idea was great, it just didn't make its way out properly? Well, that is my caveat for this comic. It was funny in my head.

But wouldn't that be great if somebody who liked to brag to all their friends that they could do better was put on the spot like that. Maybe it was a sports fanatic second guessing the coach's decision to run that play. Or a music nerd's questioning Microsoft's creation of the Zune. It would just be great if Bill Gates was sitting behind him on the bus*, overheard his conversation, and straight up made him in charge for a day. At least that would be funny, even if the comic isn't.

(P.S. Eyes are hard to draw, so just pretend Billy's eyes aren't creepy.)
Thursday July 24 2008File under: comic

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FC 41 - Its Whats For Dinner

The past two comics have been geared towards certain people. My hope is that larger audiences can appreciate them, but at their heart, they are kind of like inside jokes with a specific person (whether that person knows about it or not). This week is keeping with that tradition.

Deanna delivered this comic last Thursday and I just about stopped the presses on the comic I was working on and moved this one to the front of the queue because I liked it so much. While I still really like how it turned out after I did my captioning and coloring, the original pen and ink drawing by itself is just too precious. I'd be glad to sell the rights for publication to PETA...if the price is right. (Don't worry Deanna, I'll totally go 50/50 with you*.)
Thursday July 17 2008File under: comic

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FC 40 - That Darn Economy

It's funny how there are whole sub-cultures out there that, if you aren't exposed to them, you know nothing about, but when you find yourself aware of them, you notice them everywhere. I guess that is all part of expanding your mind-brain. But that's just an aside.

This week's comic is a product Paint Shop Pro 5.0 with yours truly at the helm. I feel like my technical skillz with the program are improving, which is nice. While I can't compete with the photoshop masters out there, I'm figuring out quicker and easier ways to accomplish the tasks I want (distorting, tweaking coloring on only a portion of an image, etc. etc.). Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

(P.S. Sean, this comic is mostly for you. I figure you might get a chuckle even if no one else does.)
Friday July 11 2008File under: comic

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FC 39 - For the Birds

This comic is for bird nerds*. If you aren't a bird nerd, you probably won't get it, at least not right off the bat. Maybe you will. I don't know you. For the non-bird nerds in the audience, I've left a bit of an explanation in the comments section below.

I really like how this one turned out, both graphically and otherwise. It feels good when a mini-project comes together so nicely (even if it did take way longer than it should have). Maybe one of these days I will do a comic out on paper. Perhaps it would allow me to be less finicky about details and technical conundrums (anti-aliasing vs. non) and complete a comic in less than 4 hours. For now, however, I enjoy my Paint Shop Pro 5.0. Besides, you would not want to see my free hand interpretation of a bald eagle.
Thursday July 3 2008File under: comic

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FC 38 - Everybody Poops

Before you condemn me for the sacrilegiousness of this comic, let me make a case: everybody poops. Back in the day, toilets were hard to come by. At some point in his life, Jesus must have found himself in this situation. So while the bible didn't specifically mention it*, this week's comic could very well portray a scene from history.

Okay, okay. I know that is pretty weak. My true defense is something along the lines of humor, and the pursuit thereof, being a divine thing and the value in the ability to not take things too seriously. And while I know that defense won't appease all, I'll just leave it at that.

As per her request, the artist of this week's comic will remain nameless. (Unfortunately, the powers that be already know and I'm sure that this will be recorded in the "bad" column in that big scoreboard in the sky, both for the artist and me.)

(Other allusions I tried to work into this post somehow were something about a religious "movement"* and something clever about the pope doing something in the woods.)
Thursday June 26 2008File under: comic

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FC 37 - Again With the Cows

I'm excited to present a new artist in this week's Friday Comic. Not only did she draw the comic, but she also came up with the idea (undoubtedly inspired by our previous series on cows.) Katherine, current NYC denizen, had a go at the notorious MS Paint and I would say came out quite victoriously. I went in and did a little sizing/background work, but the artistry is all Katherine.

I kind of like this whole theme idea. We did the cow thing a couple times, then the potty humor a couple times, and now back to the cow. It will all make for a great chapter in the book. Then, of course, there is the most popular sub-series, Rock Paper Scissors. Hopefully that's one we'll revisit soon.

I like Friday Comics. I hope you do too.
Friday June 20 2008File under: comic

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FC 36 - More Potty Humor

Since I got a chuckle or two out of last week's potty humor comic, I thought I might try another stab in that direction. Typically, potty humor appeals to a slightly younger demographic. This comic, however, should be appreciated by an older demographic as well. Living through the 70s gives you a leg up on understanding.

Oh, and again I did the drawing, which is becoming a pesky tradition I know. Hopefully we'll have some guest artists in again here soon. Two are currently contracted out, so next week we should be back to the high caliber of drawing you deserve. As for the humor, however, you shouldn't expect any upward change on that front.
Thursday June 12 2008File under: comic

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