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About BdW

A Word About Content
Blog du Wren is the online home of me, Wren Schultz*. As with most blogs, it is a mishmash of whatever I see fit to post about: thoughts, experiences, projects, travels, etc. I give no guarantee or illusion of accuracy of facts, level-headedness of opinions, or value of time spent. That said, I have a whole lot of fun in keeping this thing up and going.

A Word About the Code
I wrote all the code for BdW myself (except the fancy lightbox inline picture viewing thing). Because of that, some things might not work as perfectly or efficiently as you might hope, esp. on non-firefox browsers. I do, however, try to keep everything in working order. Another aspect of the DIYedness of the blog is the constant updates and changes. When new bugs pop up, I try to fix them. And when I get time, I try to add new functionality and improve other bits. So if you see any problems, let me know. If you have suggestions on how to improve things, let me know that as well. Or if you just want to compliment me on well written, well integrated code, be sure to let me know that as well.

A Word About Intricacies
There are a few intricacies of BdW that warrant calling out so that you can play along with the full experience.
  • Most asterisks you see can be hovered over for additional text*. It is my own little way of adding side notes without interrupting the flow of the post.
  • Words that are in Courier New font and blue cause a related image to pop up on the screen. You will not leave the page if you click on them. Example.
  • Other neato things can be found around the site (like games written by yours truly, links I find interesting via the link blog, or side projects like People's Guide To Anacortes). Take a little time to explore via the left hand navigation.
  • I have thrown a few google ads up on the site in hopes of maybe offsetting the money I spend maintaining the blog (hosting, domain registration, etc.) Don't be scared of them. Feel free to click on them if you see something interesting.