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* July 19, '14: Updated all routes dealing with 40X/411W change and other minor updates

* Mar 18, '13: Updated links to new Skagit Transit site.

* Jan 21, '11: Updated schedules and prices on Common Routes.

* Jan 9, '09: Updated links to new Island Transit site.

* Nov 6, '08: Updated price for Skat routes and updated schedule for 411W Route on Common Routes page.

* Oct 8, '08: Share this site page added.

* Jun 4, '08: Common Routes page added mapping out most frequently requested routes, including schedules.
Welcome to the North Sound Transit Guide, a helpful resource for city to city public transportation travel in northwestern Washington.

The trip planner will help you figure out which routes and connections will get you between pretty much any two cities in the north sound. It is designed to get you pointed in the right direction. Further investigation into time tables and exact stops along the route can be made via the helpful links. Or for more frequently requested routes, check out the common routes page, that is a one stop shop in getting you from here to there.

Explore the site. There is lots of information besides the trip planner. Share the site with friends. The more people we can get to ride the bus, the less congestion and pollution for us all. Send your feedback (via the contact page), whether praise or suggestions. But most of all, ride the bus!

< > Tip: Drivers are a great source of information. If you tell them what transfer you are trying to make, they can help you figure out where to get off and where your connecting bus will come. And if the bus you're on is running a little late, they sometimes will call ahead to get the connecting bus to wait. But be sure to be respectful and not create a dangerous situation by talking to them in traffic, etc.