Transportation Bingo

Methods Used:

11/28 - Carpool with friend (From Anacortes to Portland)
11/29 - Intracity Bus (Trimet in Portland)
11/30 - Intracity Biking (Running errands around Portland)
12/1-12/3 - Non-public* rail (Amtrak from Portland to Denver)
12/4 - Intercity public bus (From Denver to Longmont, the farthest point north that the metro Denver public transit system goes. I then got a ride (with a friend, so no new square) from Longmont to Fort Collins.)
12/9 - Taxi (across Colorado Springs from one car rental place to another)
12/9 - Rental car (from Colorado Springs to Pueblo and back)
12/10 - Airplane (from Colorado Springs to Fort Lauderdale)
12/10 - Intercity public rail (Tri-rail, from Fort Lauderdale to Deerfield Beach)
12/10 - Motorized 2-wheel vehicle (from train station to Jane's house, and various intracity transportation)
12/16 - Walking 2-4 miles (all over the Ft. Lauderdale area looking for a car rental* place that wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg.)
12/23 - Intercity biking (from Pensacola,FL to Pascagoula, MS)
12/23 - Ferry (from Fort Morgan, Alabama to Dauphin Island, Alabama)
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