FC 86 - Incoming Message

I'm going to attribute this comic to Erik of Anacortes Kayak Tours. Well, I won't place the responsibility of the comic on him, but he does get credit for the joke. He said he saw some high schoolers playing soccer and at any given time, at least one of them had their cell phone out for texting. He naturally assumed that they were texting each other and what else would you text to a fellow teammate.

Speaking of text messages, I can receive them now thanks to my google voice account. Texting is a whole other culture of which I never felt a part, but now I'm starting to get it. its gr8! (If you want my fancy phone number so we can be text buddies, e-mail me (or contact me via the contact page)).
Thursday October 22 2009File under: comic


FC 85 - Getting From Heeah to Theah

It's kind of funny how much drawing time goes into background elements. "Yeah", I think, "I could probably leave the wall blank, but it just doesn't sit well with me. Sure, I'll just throw some picture frames up there. Oh, those picture frames now need pictures. There went another hour."

But it's good. It gives me practice drawing things not too precisely*. I've been trying to use clip art and cut and paste less recently, as the pros don't do that, but I did go and grab that pretty kitty from the internet (although with a tweak to the direction she is looking).

Anyway, just another interesting tidbit from the world of comic drawing through the eyes of yours truly*.
Thursday October 15 2009File under: comic

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FC 84 - A Personal Aroma Calling Card

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the stink lines that I promised a couple of weeks ago. And since I am a man* of my word, here you go. The stink lines didn't turn out great, but hopefully they convey the idea appropriately enough.

So I was going to use my name instead of "Mike" because I have noticed that dogs tend to recognize me earlier leading to less barking when I've just come from frisbee or wearing clothes for the 3rd day in a row. It has proven to be very convenient, actually. But when my comic goes international*, people won't get it. They might not even get that it is a name or whatever. So I went with Mike, not because I think this applies to any Mike that I know, but because it is a good universally recognized name. (I bet you didn't realize so much planning and scheming went into my comics, didja?)
Friday October 9 2009File under: comic

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FC 83 - We Demand Total Coverage

Buried deep within this comic, there are some hints as to my thoughts on the current health care reform debate, most specifically the insurance portion of it*. But I went through various revisions of this until I found a framing/wording that made it less of an editorial comic than an attempt at being funny. I hope I did well enough that you chuckled rather than felt whatever editorial comics are supposed to make you feel*.

The drawing of this comic, however, took much longer than usual*. Luckily it is a labor of love, both for comics in general, but also circus-y stuff. If a protest like this was happening, I would turn out just to see the show. Hmmm...maybe that is a possible revenue stream for my circus performing buddies - a way to bring attention to a client's rally or protest. Who knows if that would be breaking moral bounds by joining a protest you didn't believe in just because they gave you money. I suppose being a performer's agent to organize something like that would be seedier still. Alas.
Thursday October 1 2009File under: comic

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FC 82 - Order Up

Kind of a quickie this week as I'm doing a little bit of traveling(ish). I should probably sit down and pump out a few extra comics next time I've got some spare time so I won't have to feel the stress* of Friday's deadline every week. Anyway, I came up with this idea so long ago that I had forgotten about it. It's a good thing I keep a list of comic ideas on file.

One thing notable about this comic (since I've got this little space to fill and nothing else of value to say), I used more freehand in this comic than any previous ones (almost). (Okay, not really notable, but space filling, at least.)
Thursday September 24 2009File under: comic

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FC 81 - It Practically Drives Itself

Give me my old Datsun 210 (a.k.a. the Pickle) with a slightly more reliable engine and I would be a happy man*. All these new fangled cars with their heated seats and automatic everything drive me crazy. I once went to a drive-in movie and had to watch with the tailgate closed because there was NO WAY to turn off the dome light while the door was open. (We even tried to attack the fuse box.)

In response to these new "smart cars", I couldn't help myself with this comic. This is kind of how I feel. (The same goes for more "user friendly" software that tries to do everything for you but actually makes it all more complicated, but that's a different story (and maybe even a different comic).) All that said, however, I admit that there are times when a reminder that your lights are left on or being able to roll down the back passenger-side window are helpful. Still, I don't know if it worth the trade off. But that's just me. I don't think I am Detroit's target demographic.
Friday September 18 2009File under: comic


FC 80 - Please Hold Your Applause

It feels good to be back behind the pixels again after a reprieve provided by a great bunch of guest artists this past month. That said, I am remembering how these comics don't just pop out in a few minutes. This one esp. with all it's people* and speech bubbles...oy!

I was all set to do a comic with a different joke (that included stink lines!) this week, but was inspired this morning while listening to NPR. I apologize about the pseudo op-ed nature of this comic. Hopefully no one is offended, etc. etc. I'll have to do the stink lines comic another week. Maybe next week!
Thursday September 10 2009File under: comic

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FC 79 - Please Place in the Overhead Bin

As promised, this week's comic again comes from a far away land. Sean took time from his push-ups and jogging (and probably some sort of military stuff) to put together this comic (both art and concept.) Along with the comic came this explanation: The military charters civilian aircraft from airlines and stuff like that to fly us to the Middle East. We have our rifles, and senior enlisted and officers also have pistols. But we have no ammo. It just seems kind of weird that they freak out over multi-tools and pocket knives and make us pack them in our checked baggage considering we're carrying rifles and pistols onto the plane.

In addition to the explanation, there was an invitation to make a few artistic tweaks. Since it has been almost 2 months since I've done any comicking, I couldn't help myself. See the untweaked comic here.

A big thanks to all four comic contributors from this past month. It has been fun seeing what ya'll come up with. If any royalties ever find their way to me*, I'll be sure to share.
Thursday September 3 2009File under: comic

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FC 78 - Fashioning an Excuse

Third guest comic artist in as many comics, a big thanks to Horge (all the way from post-communism Bosnia) for this week's comic. He took my idea and did it up right. I did a little color tweaking and added a caption and what we've got is a top notch comic. (Horge, the color tweaks aren't a commentary on your creation. I just wanted to bring the man into focus a little more.)

Now that the Friday Comic ball is up and rolling again, I'm already getting ready for next week's. It's going to be ANOTHER(!) guest comic artist, again from a far far away land. (Had I know outsourcing overseas was going to be so successful, I might have started pursuing that road earlier.) But don't worry (or possibly be worried, depending on how you look at it), I will be back behind the pixels soon enough. I'm excited to try out my new computer-ette in the realm of image manipulation on a few new ideas that have struck me in my summer adventures. Yay for Friday Comics!
Thursday August 27 2009File under: comic

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FC 77 - The Devil Is In the Details

Huzzah huzzah for adding another to the list of Friday Comic contributors. Chris from over at IHJ found time between ferreting out military secrets and reading his kids 34 books per night to heed my call for new comic submissions. Not only did he take on the role of drawing, he also conceived of and wrote this one himself. All I did was clean up a little artifacting caused by a filetype error (example) and it was ready to go.

It should be noted that the comic has somewhat nerdier leanings, but we are all nerds here . Anyhoo, enjoy and Happy Friday!

(Next week I've got another new guest contributor to Friday Comics that I am really excited about. More people, more styles, more funny, more fun!0
Thursday August 20 2009File under: comic

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