FC 106 - Nice Try Lady

Oh boy, oh boy. Where to start? I guess firstly I should start by apologizing for this week's comic. Not really that funny. Not at all well drawn. And not really up to Friday Comic standards, which really means it must be bad. Anyway, I'm sorry. Here's the story:

I got the idea for this on a plane back from Mexico. This pretty much exactly happened to me. I think I was so aghast by the whole thing, that I set it in my mind to do a comic about it to point out how ridiculous it is. I was hoping that it would help me step back and look at the situation a little bit easier. It didn't. Anyway, I started drawing this at the Toronto airport this morning after getting about 3 hours of sleep on the red-eye from Vancouver. Now I am rushing to get it finished before the deadline (being that I am on East Coast time, I had 3 hours less this week to complete it). When I press post, I will collapse into a well deserved sleep.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The upside, however, of having a rushed comic due to travel is that there should be some good travel posts on the way. Life has a way of balancing the ups and downs. Anyhoo, happy Friday!!!
Thursday May 20 2010File under: comic

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FC 105 - The Sandman Cometh

The idea of another Jeopardy! comic made me smile so big that I moved it to the top of the todo list. For those not around for the early days of Friday Comics, the first comic ever (which never had intentions of becoming a series) was Jeopardy based. FC 6 also poked fun at our favorite television trivia show.

Although I'm not super fond of the format (mostly because of technical constraints), I relented and made this a 3 panel comic. I suppose a variety in format isn't a bad thing. Hopefully you will chuckle which will make the format choice, the hours I drug tits over a hot keyboard*, and everything else worth it. Happy Friday!!

(Unlike my last Jeopardy comic, this one wasn't traced at all! Having that as a comparison shows me how far my computer comicking skillz have come.)
Thursday May 13 2010File under: comic

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FC 104 - Please Pass the Mashed Potatoes

While the worst of the comic is seen here, I should probably throw out of a bit of a warning: there is a chicken running around with its head cut off in this comic. If such grotesqueness offends you, it might be best to skip this week's comic. Otherwise, by all means, check it out.

In an effort to save time (believe it or not, but I've actually been quite busy of late), I considered cutting and pasting my last chicken drawing into this one. But just the thought of that made me feel a little bit dirty, so I bucked up and drew one from scratch (and then cut and pasted it, with a tweak or two, to come up with chicken #2). Oh if I could just draw things by hand like normal comics people, life would be so much easier.

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous Friday!
Thursday May 6 2010File under: comic

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FC 103 - Work Those Muscles

Wow. It feels like it has been years since I've worked under a deadline like this. It's 11:49 pm on Thursday evening and an hour ago, I hadn't even started this week's comic. Usually, I have it done before lunch on Thursday and all I have to do is cut and paste the post last thing before I go to bed. Not this week. No, this week has been hectic: drive-ins, after parties, double dates, work(!)*, circus ballet, and more.

The result of a hectic week is a quickly thrown together comic. Perhaps you can't even tell a difference. Well, this one took under an hour while most take 2 or more. All in all, though, I'd say the more than 50% drop in time leads to less than a 50% drop in quality, but that's just me. Anyway, we all know 2 hectic weeks back to back for me is practically unheard of so next week's comic will be back in the regular vein. Anyhoo, happy Friday!!
Thursday April 29 2010File under: comic


FC 102 - Holiday Comic Cop Out

Two years ago, I planned a whole month of comics in honor of Earth Day. But I ended up being on the road for most of April so couldn't get it all to come together. And then last year, I was on the road again, so again it didn't happen. This year, I have no excuse except that I forgot. But while I might have forgot about my Earth Day comic aspirations, I didn't forget about Earth Day, of course. But more on that later.

Anyway, this is one of the comics that I was planning for that month long homage 2 years ago. Had I known how quickly it would come together, I might have just made it happen back then. (Comics without people in them are so much easier to draw.)

Anyhoo, I hope you all had a happy, productive, and conservative Earth Day.
Thursday April 22 2010File under: comic

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FC 101 - Down On Bourbon Street

A rant: one of my biggest pet peeves is this proliferation of beads in the parade/celebration scene. Okay, so maybe it isn't the beads per se, because dressing up and having a souvenir isn't so bad. It is the fact that the beads are/have become super crappy plastic that is so cheap that no one feels they should keep them. So, during a parade/celebration, those who have the beads want to get rid of them (because they bought a box of 100,000 necklaces or whatever) and when people take them, they just throw them away when they get home. It all makes me cringe.

But that's not what this comic is about. It was inspired by my recent-ish trip to New Orleans and seeing how it has become quite a family tourist destination, which necessarily tones it down. I thought it was funny seeing parents trying to give their kids the New Orleans experience yet also protecting them from exactly that. Oh well. The thought made me chuckle.
Friday April 16 2010File under: comic

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FC 100 - Billable Hours

Woohoo!! Comic number one hundred!* I'm halfway tempted to review the history of Friday Comics, from a one-time shot to a month long experiment to what it is today, but won't. If you are feeling nostalgic, however, have a browse through some of the past 3 years of comics.

Instead of a nostalgic look back though, I thought it might be fun to look at a few stats:
  • Besides me, there have been 11(!) guest artists*
  • 8 guest artist contributed just one comic apiece*
  • Guest artist contributions account for 38% of the Friday Comics
  • At the time of their contributions, guest artists represented 5 different states and 5 different countries!
  • Since the official start of Friday Comics (Oct 2007), a new comic has been posted on over 75% of Fridays*
  • 90% of comics have been 1-panel, 4% 3-panel, 3% 6-panel, 2% 4-panel, 1% 2-panel
  • 26% of the comics have been drawn by hand on paper*, about half of guest artists' chosen medium
Any stats I missed that you'd like to know? Any particularly fond memories or favorites you have from over the years? As for me, there's too many to count. And hopefully, there will be many more.
Thursday April 8 2010File under: comic

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FC 99 - Immortalization

I know how hard it has been for you all without the beloved Friday Comic series this past month. Don't worry; it's back! And since I don't foresee any epic adventures in the near future*, hopefully there will be FCs for at least a couple more weeks.

Some of my comics have no basis in my life: I've never met a talking emerald and never crossed paths with Fuzzy Wuzzy. Some, however, are totally taken from real life (84, 66, and 90 just to name a few). This week's is so taken from my life right now that I even used my own name in it. (I was going to go into an explanation of what's going on, resplendent with all sorts of cutsie euphemisms*, but then I realized that's what old people do, talk about their health maladies. If you're under 50, you can't really get away with it (and for good reason!))

Anyway, I got a few good comic ideas on the road, so I'm looking forward to the next couple FCs. But, as well all know, good ideas don't necessarily equal good comics, so time will tell.
Thursday April 1 2010File under: comic

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FC 98 - It Is Not Nice To Stare

This week I am trying something new. It has been forever since I've had a guest artist for the Friday Comic series, partially because I've been having such a great time doing them. This week, as I sat down to put together the comic, a previous guest artist was around and wanted to get in on the action. My solution: we both take the same idea and each have a crack at it, working independently.

Gabriella (guest artist on previous comics such as 32, 23, and 15, among others) gets credit for the idea. Her interpretation* is on the left and mine is on the right. All in all, they didn't turn out too different, although I tend to like hers a bit more. Anyway, it was a fun exercise that we might just have to try again.

(Friday Comics is going on hiatus for a month or so as I hit the road again. Maybe I will be inclined to draw up a comic or two while basking on beaches and chasing Mayan ghosts, but I doubt it. I trust, however, that FCs will start back up again in early April, soon to be closing in on the benchmark 100th comic. Yeehaw!)
Thursday February 25 2010File under: comic

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FC 97 - What Is Art

Sorry for the tardiness on this one (if anyone noticed). All that Olypmic hubbub from when I went to the Olympics kept me from comicking it up. Then I had to make the Olympics post and it wouldn't be fair to the Olympics to not let the Olympics post have a little time in the spotlight.*

A few notes about this comic (besides its lateness). I drew part of it while on the bus. It turns out that doesn't do great things for a borderline motion sick person. The rest was drawn using only the finicky touchpad on my EEE (while in a library, so I even tried to keep the clicking to a minimum for quietness's sake). My appreciation for optical mouse is renewed.

Anyway, while I wasn't convinced that the comic was going to turn out (either artistically or conceptually), the policeman's mustache made it all okay. How many times have mustaches saved the day? Answer: a lot.
Friday February 19 2010File under: comic

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