Chautauqua in 3 Words

So far, the experience of Aqua Chautauqua II is beyond words*. So instead of trying to capture it all in words and failing or waiting until I have the time, thought processes, and pictures to make a respectable post, I've put together a few 3-word phrases to at least hint at the wonderful time I've been having. (Apologies for any insider jokes that found their way in. Ask me any particular one someday and I'll explain.) Enjoy!

Epic tent camp. "Type of Mushroom?" Mayonaisse eating contest. Pancakes for 50. Breakfast buck stop. Juggle and snuggle. Bioluminescence night swimming. Strangley's handstands happen. Magic juggling clubs*. "Hop on in."*. Load and unload. Load and unload. (Load and unload.) "Where's my beachball?" Hurry-up n wait. Fake mustaches everywhere! "Where's the coffee?"* Never grow up.
Saturday July 18 2009File under: chautauqua

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Running Away with the Circus...Again...

Remember that one time when I ran away with the circus? While this go round is a different circus, a different country, and a totally different dynamic*, I still get to say I'm running away with the circus*!

As for what this experience is going to be like, I don't really know. What is my role going to be? I don't really know much about that either, although on my application I said I'd do pretty much anything (except perform). Besides our itinerary (Canadian Gulf Islands), about all I know about what I am getting myself into is what I've read on the group's website. From the sounds of it, it'll be an adventure.

I'll do my best to keep you all, my friends, in on the fun by posting about my adventures. The last time I went to Lasquiti Island, however, the place we stayed had only minimal solar power and not a wifi signal to be found. Point being that updates might not be as frequent as we'd all like. But when I return, at least, there will be pictures and posts and stories to tell. Yeehaw adventure!
Tuesday July 14 2009File under: chautauqua


Bingo! X 2

Are there any Scrabble players in the audience? I thought so. So I assume you know what a bingo is in terms of Scrabble. For those of you that don't, it is using all 7 tiles in a given turn. The reward is an additional 50 point bonus.

In a recent game, I not only scored a bingo (a rare enough occasion in itself), I scored two bingos BACK TO BACK on the second and third turns. It's pretty much the highlight of my scrabble career. INGRATE and TOSSING were my words, both pretty low scorers aside from the bonus. But still. Then on the fourth turn, I was one letter away from a 3rd consecutive bingo, but alas.

What's your highest scoring scrabble play ever?
Sunday July 12 2009File under: games

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FC 75 - Boo!

With all the weight loss products out there, I'm surprised no one has ever thought of this*. Sure it probably isn't healthy, but neither is completely foregoing carbohydrates*. Anyhoo, I think I would make a great infomercial graphics guy. In researching this comic, I looked up a few screen shots and figured out the secrets: lots of flashy fonts, different colors, hokey background, and lots of wow. It didn't seem like there was a lot of finesse to it all. Anyway, if my comics career never takes off (which is looking more and more likely these days), I can always resort to a position at RonCo.

Oh, and I'm thinking there is going to be a 3 week Friday Comic hiatus starting next week. I'm running away with the circus to some tiny islands in Canada so I don't think I'll have much internet/computer access and hopefully will have more exciting things to post than nerdy comics if I do. In the meantime, you can always go through the archives of the comics only page.
Thursday July 9 2009File under: comic

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Ready Set Eat

What could be more American than gathering together on the 4th of July for a BBQ with friends? Doing exactly that but adding in an eating contest, of course. That's exactly how I spent my 4th and I have to say it was a hoot.

Recalling antics from college, I decided to put together a watermelon eating contest and get as many people to play along as possible. In the end, I could only convince 3 others to join me, but we had a good time with it. As we all stood by with our first piece at the ready, the proverbial gun sounded. We all dove in and immediately burst into such hard laughter that our times suffered dramatically. Perhaps competitive eating and having a sense of humor don't go hand in hand.

With the exception of me (who couldn't stop laughing long enough to get down more than 3 pieces), the competitors were neck and neck until the end. While Tone looked like he had it sealed up, judges ruled too much meat left on the bone so he had to go in for a second pass. Nater, who had been meticulously cleaning the rinds as he went, pulled ahead for the win.

The whole thing was so much fun that I'm inclined to do it again next year. In the meantime, I've got some practicing to do (and that's no laughing matter).
Wednesday July 8 2009File under: holidays, food

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Portland Happiness Pie Chart


I've been having too great a time in Portland these last couple weeks. I've been having so great a time, in fact, that I'm officially putting Portland on the list of places I would think about moving to if I ever decided to settle down, move out of the garage, etc. etc.

Why am I having such a great time? you ask. I've made up this handy little chart to help explain. Click on any wedge to get a brief description.

Sunday July 5 2009File under: misc

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FC 74 - Mixed Signals

At my last housesitting gig, one of the big perks was a fancy home theater system with projection HD tv and Blu-Ray player thingy. It was all housed in a windowless room so I could easily pretend that it wasn't beautiful outside* and while away hours watching movies. One of the ones we watched was Dark Knight (one in the myriad franchise Batman films). I had never seen it (nor seen any of the other recent Batman films). I guess somewhere in there is the inspiration for this comic (although once I came up with the idea for a superhero named Moonman, I had quite a few other ideas, let me tell you... Maybe he will have to make a recurrence in a later comic.)*

As I've mentioned before, my enthusiasm for Friday Comics has been waning of late. A combination of lack of positive feedback along with diverting interest (like making crosswords) has me thinking that the end is near. This past week, however, I was catching up with an old friend and, as always, talk came around to my blog. I mentioned my comic series and showed off a few of the better ones*. My friend's reaction got me excited about making comics again, at least for the time being. The point has always been to get a chuckle or two and that's exactly what I got. Moral of the story: a smile holds many wonders.
Thursday July 2 2009File under: comic

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Portland Timbers

Minor league sports are fun to attend. Soccer is a neat sport. Free stuff is good. Hence, getting free tickets to see Portland's minor league soccer team is doubleplusgood! Having spectacular weather didn't hurt either. Timbers won 4-0. Take that Canada!

Monday June 29 2009File under: misc

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Multiple Monday Quotes

I just finished up Nine Kind of Naked by Tony Vigorito. Great read! Two parts plot with one part philosophy, Vigorito pulls it all off with tons of laughs. Anyway, there were just too many good quotes to pass up, so here are a smattering.

"The spontaneity of the spirits is far more trustworthy than the deliberations of the intellect."

"If you're not inspired, you are expired."

"Don't just seize the day, my friend. The day is long. Seize the second!"

"Anyway, the trick is simply this: No matter what happens, keep your heart open. Wide open. The heart is made of love, and love is indestructible, and only the arrogance of ego would presume that it requires protection. To open your heart is to reduce your ego, and this is the only magic that is ever required to experience the naked truth."
Monday June 29 2009File under: quote

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FC 73 - Next Exit

My quickest comic to date. This one took me less than 2 hours* to whip out. Perhaps it's because there aren't any of those pesky people to draw. Rectilinear signs and roads agree with me, I think.

Anyway, this is not meant to be a dis on coffee drinkers nor on capitalism*. I just think it is funny how everywhere you turn there is a coffee stand. I myself am not a coffee drinker, so I guess I just don't understand that when you want coffee, you WANT COFFEE.

My favorite part of this comic was coming up with fictional coffee cart names. I don't think you can read them after all the downsizing, but they were fun. My favorite: Cap'n Caffine's Coffee Cart. As we've covered before, coffee places really have a lot to work with namewise. Heck, maybe I'll go start a stand, if for nothing else than the wordplay opportunity.
Thursday June 25 2009File under: comic

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