FC 106 - Nice Try Lady

Oh boy, oh boy. Where to start? I guess firstly I should start by apologizing for this week's comic. Not really that funny. Not at all well drawn. And not really up to Friday Comic standards, which really means it must be bad. Anyway, I'm sorry. Here's the story:

I got the idea for this on a plane back from Mexico. This pretty much exactly happened to me. I think I was so aghast by the whole thing, that I set it in my mind to do a comic about it to point out how ridiculous it is. I was hoping that it would help me step back and look at the situation a little bit easier. It didn't. Anyway, I started drawing this at the Toronto airport this morning after getting about 3 hours of sleep on the red-eye from Vancouver. Now I am rushing to get it finished before the deadline (being that I am on East Coast time, I had 3 hours less this week to complete it). When I press post, I will collapse into a well deserved sleep.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The upside, however, of having a rushed comic due to travel is that there should be some good travel posts on the way. Life has a way of balancing the ups and downs. Anyhoo, happy Friday!!!
Thursday May 20 2010File under: comic

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Random Internet Anecdotes

As a nerd, specifically an internet nerd, you can imagine how happy it makes me when someone points out that they've seen something I've done on the internet, whether it be troothpicks, People's Guide to Anacortes, or just something from the blog. Well, the happiness factor sky rockets when someone I've just met announces that they actually POSTED something about me on the internet. In the past couple weeks, just that has happened to me....TWICE!

Case #1: I went up to the Western Washington University's celebration of Earth Day a couple weeks back. I had some circus friends performing and the year before it was a pretty good time. So while listening to the music and waiting for the circus folk to go on, I did a little juggling, as is my wont. During a break, a pretty girl comes up to me and says, "I used a picture of you and Amiel juggling from last year for the promotion for this event." Ga? I searched for said promotions afterwards but never found them. Next time I encountered the pretty girl, I inquired further and she told me she just did a google image search for "Earth Day 2009 Western Washington University" and there we were. Neat!

Case #2: At pub trivia in Portland last week*, I went to sign up with the quiz master. He asks, "You've been here before, right?". I answered, "Yeah. I'm from out of town though, but I try to come whenever I pass through Portland." He says, "From Anacortes, right?" Za? When I dumbly nod, he says, "Oh, I made a post on my blog about you." Ja? I was so confused that I went back to my table without asking WTF. Later, however, said blog post was tracked down by interchallenge expert Sara. It is definitely worth a read. (Here's a screen shot for if the link ever goes dead.)

Just a couple of neat little anecdotes, I thought. Yeah for life on the internet!
Tuesday May 18 2010File under: misc

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Productive Time on the Road

I just got back from a nice little week-long jaunt down through southern Washington and Portland. But besides being a great trip, I can say that it was productive as well!

First stop was in Olympia to help Jule finish up work on his stone patio (with a little extra landscaping thrown in for good measure). The whole thing turned out great* and even left some time for family meals, some frisbee golf, and a trip to the theatre.

Next stop: always wacky Portland. The plan was just to hang out, see friends, and of course get in as many pub quizzes* as possible. The result, however, is that I somehow talked my way into helping Andrew and Gretchen build the lovely pathway you see here. We gathered the broken concrete for free via craigslist so the only cost was the sand. I think it turned out awesome! (North agrees. I couldn't even get him to look away from the path to get a decent picture*.)

Last stop on my productive week on the road was a trip up the Columbia River for a "business meeting"*. While the meeting was productive, the train ride really took the cake. The views as we cruised along the Columbia were spectacular!

It is a nice feeling to combine seeing good friends and traveling around with being productive. Maybe I'll have to try that again soon*...
Sunday May 16 2010File under: work

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FC 105 - The Sandman Cometh

The idea of another Jeopardy! comic made me smile so big that I moved it to the top of the todo list. For those not around for the early days of Friday Comics, the first comic ever (which never had intentions of becoming a series) was Jeopardy based. FC 6 also poked fun at our favorite television trivia show.

Although I'm not super fond of the format (mostly because of technical constraints), I relented and made this a 3 panel comic. I suppose a variety in format isn't a bad thing. Hopefully you will chuckle which will make the format choice, the hours I drug tits over a hot keyboard*, and everything else worth it. Happy Friday!!

(Unlike my last Jeopardy comic, this one wasn't traced at all! Having that as a comparison shows me how far my computer comicking skillz have come.)
Thursday May 13 2010File under: comic

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Mount St. Helens

The last time I went to Mount St. Helens, I bet I was only 14 years old, if that. It's funny how you can live so close to something that is really quite spectacular and fail to give it the attention it warrants.

Well, since the 30th anniversary of the massive eruption is nearly upon us, I thought that no better an excuse to check it out again*. The weather for the day fell into the Oh-this-is-why-Washington-is-the-best-place-in-the-world-to-live category, which made everything glisten and gleam that much more.

Unfortunately, the tippy top visitor's center hasn't opened yet for the year, so we couldn't peer down into the crater, see the spectacular documentary movie, etc. Instead, we had to be content with just driving around and taking in some of the viewpoints which made for a spectacular day as it was.
Monday May 10 2010File under: misc

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FC 104 - Please Pass the Mashed Potatoes

While the worst of the comic is seen here, I should probably throw out of a bit of a warning: there is a chicken running around with its head cut off in this comic. If such grotesqueness offends you, it might be best to skip this week's comic. Otherwise, by all means, check it out.

In an effort to save time (believe it or not, but I've actually been quite busy of late), I considered cutting and pasting my last chicken drawing into this one. But just the thought of that made me feel a little bit dirty, so I bucked up and drew one from scratch (and then cut and pasted it, with a tweak or two, to come up with chicken #2). Oh if I could just draw things by hand like normal comics people, life would be so much easier.

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous Friday!
Thursday May 6 2010File under: comic

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Another Compost Experiment

Remember that test I did with the supposedly compostable drinking glass from Pizzeria Pagliacci's a couple years ago? Well, I ran across another product making the "compostable" claim, only this time to a greater degree (to see the info, go here and then click "compostable packaging"*). Call me a skeptic if you want, but I just had to try it.

It turns out that the timing is such that the Sun Chips bag is the first item in this year's bin, having just emptied the now well composted soil into the gardens. This means maximum compost time, pressure, and heat. I'll check on it in 12 weeks or so, maybe a little longer to allow for enough other food stuff to really get the party started. Then I will report back.

This is skeptical environmental consumer lookout guy signing off.
Wednesday May 5 2010File under: environment

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Quote For Monday - ABCs

A to Z: you're sure to find something that calls to you. P.S.*

Monday May 3 2010File under: quote

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FC 103 - Work Those Muscles

Wow. It feels like it has been years since I've worked under a deadline like this. It's 11:49 pm on Thursday evening and an hour ago, I hadn't even started this week's comic. Usually, I have it done before lunch on Thursday and all I have to do is cut and paste the post last thing before I go to bed. Not this week. No, this week has been hectic: drive-ins, after parties, double dates, work(!)*, circus ballet, and more.

The result of a hectic week is a quickly thrown together comic. Perhaps you can't even tell a difference. Well, this one took under an hour while most take 2 or more. All in all, though, I'd say the more than 50% drop in time leads to less than a 50% drop in quality, but that's just me. Anyway, we all know 2 hectic weeks back to back for me is practically unheard of so next week's comic will be back in the regular vein. Anyhoo, happy Friday!!
Thursday April 29 2010File under: comic


My Earth Day Contribution 2010

I've been really making an effort these last couple years to honor Earth Day. While the saying goes that we should treat everyday like Earth Day, it is easy to slip into less than perfect habits. Plus, having one day where everyone (media, organizations, etc.) is focused on doing good things for our planet makes for a wonderful excuse to do something yourself.

The past 2 years, I've been taking a couple hours out of my Earth Day schedule to go pick up trash on the side of the road. Not only is this Earth Day inspired, but when bike is one's primary mode of transportation, one tends to notice just how trashy some of our roads can get.

Besides the great feeling I get from doing my little part to help clean up, it is just downright interesting to see what ends up on the side of the road. In my unscientific survey, here are my observations. At least 3/4 of the garbage on the side of the road is easily recyclable (glass, plastic, aluminum, etc.).* A majority of that (at least in my small test area) is glass such as beer bottles, alcohol bottles, and wine bottles (the weight and breakablity of which led to some interesting thoughts on glass's desirability as a packaging medium). Some roads haven't had a trash crew through in a long time. Just an hour of cleaning up trash can make a huge difference.

I'm hoping to make my Earth Day trash clean up a yearly thing. If you happen to be around next April, feel free to join me.
Monday April 26 2010File under: environment

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