Chautauqua Goes to Alasqua

It's that time of year again, time to hit the road with a group of amazing people to camp, cook, and live completely outdoors doing shows, parades, and workshops in small towns along the way. The New Old Time Chautauqua 2011 tour is headed to...ALASQUA*!

While I'm excited for all the vaudeville/circus fun to come, I haven't quite gotten my mind past the epic trip that is entailed to get 50 people and all their camping and performing gear to our country's northern most state. While a few members are already there or are going to fly up, 39 are slated to go by bus via the Al-Can highway. Over 2000 miles in 3 days*. How many pee breaks, hot springs, border crossing issues, and peanut butter and jelly sandwichs are we goign to tally up? Probably a lot. No matter what the count, watch out Alasqua, here we come!

(For previous tour posts, browse backwards for 2009 and 2010. Or check out Chautauqua's official website to learn more.)
Wednesday July 20 2011File under: circus

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FC 142 - View from the Top

Procrastination is quite amazing. So many times, I spend all of Thursday dinking around, doing nothing in particular, and waiting until the last minute to put together the week's comic. But on a day when I have more to do than time*, I find myself diligently getting the comic done by 5:00 in the afternoon. Really, it is amazing how procrastination works.

What did I have to do today? Glad you asked. I had to pack for a month long camping/circus trip. And get all my business attended to. Rumor has it that Alasqua isn't as wifi friendly as the lower 48. Anyway, more about that adventure soon.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the comic. It seems like such an obvious joke that I can't imagine that it hasn't been done before. But, as they say, there's no such thing as an original thought. At least I know my drawing style will never be copied. And if it does, I pity the fool.
Thursday July 14 2011File under: comic

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DIY Recycled Cardboard Insultation

How do you build on a big old warehouse on a budget? Well, first step is to get a bunch of generous friends to help pour the foundation. Then you take 6 months of inexpert yet can-do spirited labor to erect the thing. Then, when it comes time to insulate, you get creative with a bunch of used cardboard and styrofoam.

Since the warehouse has* radiant heat floors, code says we've gotta have some heavy duty insulation on the walls and ceiling. It turns out insulating a big old 2 story, 50x30 warehouse can get expensive. Then someone came up with a great idea: use cardboard!

The process is basically this:
  • Cut and sandwich 6-8 layers of cardboard in manageable regular size (ours were approximately 2'x6') chunks combined with tape (chunks are 2-3 inches thick)
  • Sprayfoam a thin coat on the inside of the metal siding to create a vapor barrier
  • Sprayfoam just a couple squirts and quickly stick cardboard in place and hold it there until sprayfoam sets
  • Seal edges with sprayfoam, again for adhesion
  • Sprayfoam over cardboard so it appears you have 4 inches of sprayfoam insulation
You may notice liberal use of sprayfoam in this scheme. It just so happens that we have a sprayfoam trailer on premise that makes it all feasible. But that doesn't mean that you too couldn't save some money (and save the environment) next time you have the need to insulate something.
Wednesday July 13 2011File under: quarry

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FC 141 - Modern Day Indulgences

So many things I could say about this comic. "Artistically", there are a few. For one, I'm pretty dang proud of my stained-glass piece (even if it is kind of obnoxious...). Secondly, I'm trying out a new style of not using black lines everywhere and then filling them in. In this comic, I'm trying it only with the husband and wife.

The inspiration for this comic comes from a number of my friends who have gone to* and become ordained in order to perform marriage ceremonies. One of them even insists on using a Reverend in front of her name*.

Anyway, happy Friday! (Summertime Fridays are probably the hardest for cubicle dwellers (or at least they were for me, back in the day. So hopefully, if there are any cubicle folks out there reading this, I hope you enjoy!)
Friday July 8 2011File under: comic

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Bridgetown USA

A poster of the image seen to the left* hangs on many a Portlander's wall. And I can see why. It's an awesome poster of an awesome concept. The bridges that span the Willamette and Columbia Rivers are varied and interesting, a deserving point of pride for a city with many things going for it.

This weekend, I got to see some of the bridges from a new angle, on the water. A friend scored us some tickets to a Blues Cruise (part of the Portland Blues Festival) aboard the Portland Spirit. While we had to escape to the deck to avoid boozy blusies, we were treated to a spectacular view of some of the city's great bridges*. We also got to see them raise various bridges for us drawbridge-style, which was also exciting.

Yep, on every visit, Portland unveils a new, fun side of itself. I can't wait to see what it is next time!
Tuesday July 5 2011File under: Portland

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FC 140 - Blood Drool

There's a funny cycle to the ideas for my comics. When I come up with one, I usually think it is incredible funny. And down the road, when I look back on them, I feel a sense of pride in having done it and usually chuckle a bit as well. But in the middle, when I'm actually making and posting the comic, I'm not so sure. Perhaps that is the way it is meant to be.

Anyway, that's my story for this comic. "Dude mistaken for vampire because he has gingivitis" seemed hilarious at the get-go. Now that it's all framed up, it just doesn't make me giggle the same way. Alas. Hopefully it is just me, and you will find it hilarious. Or at least mildly amusing.

Anyway, happy Friday and happy July!
Friday July 1 2011File under: comic

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Start of Something

After thinking, dreaming, scheming, and telling people about it for well over a year, I've finally started building my cabin at the quarry. Last fall I got a spot tucked down in a little valley cleared and leveled and started thinking of how a little one-room cabin might fit in. This past weekend, I laid the first stones!

Basically, I'm looking at something that will end up more or less rectangular about 12x7. The walls will be mostly stone except for a few windows* here and there and some wood as well. (I see it all quite clearly in my head, but I know the details don't translate so well through brief prose.)

Anyway, I'm super excited. To have a living space that I built from the ground up will be amazing, not to mention in a place as beautiful and vibrant as the quarry. Hopefully, before the end of the year, I will be able to post pictures that actually show you what I am seeing in my head and send out an invite for all to come and check it out!!
Sunday June 26 2011File under: quarry

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FC 139 - One Pun Too Far

Friday Comics are back!! It feels like it has been a really really long time since I have drawn a comic. Over three months. Wow. Anyway, on the road, I came up with a couple ideas that I liked, so I'm excited to get back to one of my favorite weekly traditions.

This comic idea, however, came from my dad. Kind of. I don't want to put all the blame there. In fact, the part that I did (besides the drawing (which I forgot how time consuming it is)), the bottom blurb, didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I had an inspiration to change it at the last minute, and, well, we'll see. *.

Anyhoo, happy Friday! I hope you find the return of Friday Comics at least partly as exciting as I do.
Thursday June 23 2011File under: comic

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Quote For Monday - Nonsense

"A little nonsense now and then
is relished by the wisest men!"

-Willy Wonka

Anytime I come across a quote that extols the virtue in silliness, nonsense, or anything that is slightly less than serious, I can't help but feel an affinity towards it. That was the case with this quote I ran across this week.

The question it brought to mind, however, was: if nonsense is relished more than a little or more than now and then, does that make the relisher all the more wise? I like to think so.
Monday June 20 2011File under: quote



Most of us go to museums to see art. Sculptures are usually enjoyed in public squares or parks. For my dad, however, art is right outside his back door.

Bobland*, located across the water from Seattle, isn't your everyday suburban home. Giant bones, faces, and balls mostly made of concrete and rebar turn the backyard of this outskirts property into a place where you can roam around and always see something new. And it's not as though if it is just art on display. The art integrates with normal backyard things too!

Each time I visit Bobland, I find it an inspirational reminder that wondrous things exist in the most unexpected places, all it takes to make art is action, and art is not only something that hangs on a wall in a museum. Someday, maybe, these reminders will help me craft my own space into something more than just utilitarian. Until then, I'll always look forward to the experience at Bobland.
Friday June 17 2011File under: misc

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