Cabin Progress - Season 2 Wrap Up

Another building season at the quarry has come to an end, at least for me*. And it is really amazing to see how far I've come on the cabin this year from its meager beginnings last year. All the stonework is complete and I've got the frame of walls and a roof in place. Next year (or whenever I can find time and proper weather to dive back in) it's going to be all gravy, putting in windows, doors, walls, a floor, and all the touches that make a place a home.

Until then, I wanted to share where it is now. Below are some schematics I put together (long after they probably should have been done.) It looks so professional on graph paper! And below that are some pictures!*

Stone walls
Wood walls

Uncheck checkboxes to peel back the layers. It's fun!

Note: While the drawings are attempted to be to scale, they are probably off by an inch or two here and there.

Friday October 5 2012File under: quarry

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The Non-Performer Strikes Again

We all know I claim I'm not a performer, right? Well, I stand by that (despite the fact that I've been on stage over a dozen times this summer.) It takes a lot to get me out on stage, esp. for a solo act. Just such an occasion occured this past weekend. A friend had his 90th birthday party. Way back in the day, he performed a bit of vaudeville himself. Ever since I started juggling, he's been patiently watching my latest tricks and dishing out stories of the good old days of vaudeville. Anyway, for entertainment at his party, Della, Justin Credible, and I put together a little show. It was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy it. Here are a few pics.

Tuesday October 2 2012File under: juggling, circus

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Minor Media Mention - Soup Swimming Edition

It looks like I can now add "professional model" to my ever growing resume*. I suppose, to be technically correct, "professional" doesn't really apply here, because I haven't seen a dime in royalties. But I did help set up the photo shoot and strike a pose for the ad that runs in the Fall 2012 issue of the Chuckanut Reader (which you can read here...*)

A slightly better version of the ad can be seen here. It is advertising the wealth of great homemade soups at the Colophon Cafe. And while their clam chowder is really top notch, I don't advise bathing in it.

(File this under news clipping scrapbook, just like this, this, this, and this)
Thursday September 27 2012File under: misc

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FC 170 - Hard Cider

Nearly two years later, I've finally coaxed Della into doing another guest appearance on Friday Comics. Well, to be slightly more honest, just like last time, it took no coaxing at all. She thought it up, drew it up, offered it up, just like that. All I did was add a little color, and voila!, the perfect comic to start off Autumn.

(One of my favorite comic artists, Dan Piraro of Bizarro has the habit of explaining the gag in his comic on his blog, no matter how obvious. I've grown to like the practice so I thought I might do the same. Apples, you see, have a good deal of pectin*. And chest muscles are called "pecs". Bada bing bada boom.)

Yay for guest contributors!! Yay for Friday Comics!
Thursday September 20 2012File under: comic

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Water slide!!!

Last summer, just before Sh'Bang at the quarry, a few of us armed with nothing more than blackberry loppers, a shovel, a few scraps of carpet, a 50 ft. piece of visqueen, and an indomitable spirit set out to make a water slide. While the result gave us all a rush*, it was hardly safe for the public (or fit to last through a winter for that matter), so it was filed away under the Once Upon a Quarry list. Since then, we've been on a the lookout for something a little more sturdy to replace it. As so often happens, when you put the message out into the universe, the universe responds.

As with so many stories, it starts with a motivated young boy. Miles* learned that a junk store in Mt. Vernon came into possession of a real water slide via some auction or another. It wasn't 24 hours later that Stefan and I were on the scene to scope it out. A little wheeling and dealing and, boom!, done deal.

Now to the tricky part. Needless to say, none of us had experience installing a commercial water slide. And although it was supposed to be a bolt-together-and-go type operation, it proved slightly more difficult. But after a dozen or more volunteer man hours*, we had a slide that we guessed wouldn't slide off the hill into the water and, maybe more importantly, wouldn't tear your suit off as you careened over one of the seams*.

Only thing left to do: test it. SUCCESS! And, knock on wood, the success continues. I personally witnessed many gleeful sliders at Sh'bang without injury*.

Here's to many years of safe, fun sliding!!
Monday September 17 2012File under: quarry


My ShBang 2012 Anecdote

Sh'Bang 2012, if you ask any of the attendees, was a huge success. The video and picture* evidence only serves to reinforce. I don't have any pictures of my own, however, since I was busy racing my soapbox derby car, giving tours of the property (being sure to highlight my cabin!), and encouraging people to go down the new water slide*. But I do have what I consider a wonderful anecdote from the festival which is my contribution to the collective recorded memory.

This year, like the 4 previous years, I built a soapbox derby car (using the same pallet, actually, that the previous 4 years' cars have been built on). As you may remember from years past, my car building skillz aren't so great, so I brought in a little help on the final touches*. Lebn and I put together a pretty dang good car such that I made it down the course 3 times, including one time over the jump! (I did, however post the slowest time which I attribute to my caution rather than the car's ability. (Slowest Time did, however, win me a nice Mallard gift certificate!))

Well, whether it was from taking the jump* or from pushing the limits of my little pallet car, the back wheel was bend pretty good so I decided to opt out of the head-to-head and death match races. Lebn, however, looked like he was itching for a trip down the course. I told him if he wanted to fix the wheel, he was welcome to give it a go. Off he went to find some tools.

The head-to-head racers zipped by in pairs much to the delight of the crowd. Keeping count in my head, I realized that there was only one pair left to come down the hill, so it must be Lebn on the pallet car. I got in a good viewing position and waited. Soon, a car rounded the bend and came zipping by. It's a welded car without a nail or wooden board in sight. But no Lebn. He must have bailed or wrecked earlier up the course, I concluded, and started to walk away. But as soon as I did, around the corner he comes.

But wait, the car looks a little funny. Is it missing a wheel?!? Sure enough, the once tricycle has lost one of its back wheels but Lebn is still coaxing it along by heavily leaning to one side to keep it from dragging to a stop. What determination, what cleverness, what ingenuity! The crowd starts to cheer.

As is so often the case, determination, cleverness, and ingenuity is sometimes packaged with, well, let's call it overambition. The cheering of the crowd grows as it becomes evident that this cleverly-driven hobbled car is going to take the jump. Fortunately for posterity, photographer Peter James was there to capture the moment. Unfortunately for Lebn, tri-cum-bicycles don't really carry speed like their unhobbled relatives. He doesn't quite clear the mud pit and tumbles to the ground.

Not content to let it rest, he hops back on the doubly damaged machine and limps it across the line. Only later does the full damage report come in: a broken collar bone for the fearless rider. Alas. But, even 3 days later he reports that despite it all, he's "still smiling".

Thanks Sh'Bangers for a great weekend and great stories! The Quarry wouldn't be the same without ya'll.
Wednesday September 12 2012File under: quarry

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Completely Stoned

Last week, I placed the last stone in my cabin (aside from a few pebbles to fill the cracks when grouting). Things are coming along and it looks great (if I do say so myself)!. No more scouring the Quarry for suitable rocks, hauling them down the trail, and pounding on them to get them to be just the right fit. And after a couple more grouting sessions, I'll be able to chuck the mortar mixing equipment too. After more than 2 years, it will be nice to reach a phase complete.

But I'm on a mission to get this cabin* finished. It wasn't but a day after putting in the last stone that I started in on the sills* and the central post*. I hope to get a few of the walls framed in this week and the roof rafters on by Soap Box Derby (a.k.a. Sh'Bang) time*. The plan is to have a roof suitable for keeping most of the rain off up by the time rains come.

It's kind of a funny thing, how excited I am about this pile of rocks. I'm constantly thinking about it (where can I get some cheap but nice windows?, I better find some gutters sooner rather than later, what am I going to do about the floor?). If you are anywhere near the area, stop by and I'll give you a tour. Until then, here's another picture or two.
Sunday September 2 2012File under: quarry

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FC 169 - Everyone Love Milkshakes...Until Now

Two and a half months!?! That's how longs it's been since the last Friday Comic. I assuming most of ya'll had given up hope of ever seeing one of those again (either given up hope or rejoiced!) Well, don't get excited quite yet. At least wait until you've seen the comic. It is a little, well, off color, in the same vein as the ever popular Schultzian's comic from way back.

Well, while I don't foresee weekly comic posts coming back any time soon, hopefully, as the epic Summer '12 winds down, I'll find more time to post which might or might not include more comics. Until then, maybe go have a look at the comic archives! You never know which of your favorites you've forgotten about. Or you could even buy a book(!), just in time for those ridiculously early office holiday parties.

(If you're having a hard time getting the comic, see if this helps: Martin is the one on the right. And I tried to do a time shifting/Memento thing in giving the punch line first followed by the set up. Maybe it didn't work as well as I hoped.*)
Thursday August 30 2012File under: comic

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Craft Time at the Quarry

There's something about being at the Quarry that just makes me want to build stuff. First it was the Dream Comes True Pavilion, then it was my cabin (which is coming along very nicely. Expect a post soon), and now it is necessary this and thats. Seen here is a coat hanger Della and I made for our clown pod. Super fun! Also for the clown pod, I made this snazzy ladder to get up to the lofted bed. I split a log of alder and notched in some steps. I suppose it could have been a little bit taller, but it does its job.

The other projects I've been working on directly relate to the cabin. I found a great cherry log for a center post. We stripped off the bark and are letting it dry out a bit. It all feels very woodsy. Then I built a frame for these window blocks, which will go on the north wall of the cabin.

It turns out while I might not be the best at it, I really enjoy working with my hands and the quarry is the perfect place to do it. Yeehaw!
Sunday August 26 2012File under: quarry

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The Big Juggle Finale

On the last two Chautauqua tours, we've had a lot of jugglers. From that stemmed the idea of getting a huge blowout piece with as many jugglers on stage as possible to finish the show. Well, it was a hit and has been in just about every show since, whether on tour at a small community show or big public show, or at the various benefits we have throughout the year.

The pattern is simple. As many jugglers as we have, we pair off in twos. It is 5 throws on a 4 count with your partner, finishing with a self double and tada. Center stage is a two high (or a couple two highs) that leads things. There's also a fun hectic buzzing/getting to position part. Basically, it is super fun.

This weekend Chautauqua did a show/workshop/parade combo at the Stillaguamish River Festival and, sure enough, the big juggle finished the show. This time around, we only had 16 or so jugglers on stage, as opposed to the 22+ during tour, but it was still a great spectacle. It is great hearing the "oh my"s from the crowd as we raise our clubs and start.

The group juggle, which I seem to be the default for heading up, is a ton of fun and totally embodies the Chautauqua fun-loving spirit. Maybe it's this 45 seconds of stage time that is helping me get over my not-a-performer hang-ups so that I can fully participate in all the glory that is the circus!
Tuesday August 14 2012File under: juggling, circus


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