FC 76 - Berry Season

Back to the real world means back to Friday Comics. I still have at least one circus post up my sleeve that I'm waiting on pictures for, but there's no reason to delay the inevitable.

After a long hiatus from comicdom, Deanna is back behind the pen on this installment. As always, she did an awesome job. As for any Penny Arcade readers out there*, any resemblance there is totally a coincidence. Deanna had never even seen that comic until I pointed out the striking similarity. (For a fun exercise, go page through their archives and see if you notice the resemblance.)

Anyway, Friday comics are back for a while (although next week's might be late or rain checked because I might be hiking around in the woods with a big pack on my back), so if you are aching to stretch your comic drawing muscles, drop me a line*. Otherwise, get out there and eat some blackberries...but be sure to check your teeth afterward.
Thursday August 6 2009File under: comic


FC 75 - Boo!

With all the weight loss products out there, I'm surprised no one has ever thought of this*. Sure it probably isn't healthy, but neither is completely foregoing carbohydrates*. Anyhoo, I think I would make a great infomercial graphics guy. In researching this comic, I looked up a few screen shots and figured out the secrets: lots of flashy fonts, different colors, hokey background, and lots of wow. It didn't seem like there was a lot of finesse to it all. Anyway, if my comics career never takes off (which is looking more and more likely these days), I can always resort to a position at RonCo.

Oh, and I'm thinking there is going to be a 3 week Friday Comic hiatus starting next week. I'm running away with the circus to some tiny islands in Canada so I don't think I'll have much internet/computer access and hopefully will have more exciting things to post than nerdy comics if I do. In the meantime, you can always go through the archives of the comics only page.
Thursday July 9 2009File under: comic

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FC 74 - Mixed Signals

At my last housesitting gig, one of the big perks was a fancy home theater system with projection HD tv and Blu-Ray player thingy. It was all housed in a windowless room so I could easily pretend that it wasn't beautiful outside* and while away hours watching movies. One of the ones we watched was Dark Knight (one in the myriad franchise Batman films). I had never seen it (nor seen any of the other recent Batman films). I guess somewhere in there is the inspiration for this comic (although once I came up with the idea for a superhero named Moonman, I had quite a few other ideas, let me tell you... Maybe he will have to make a recurrence in a later comic.)*

As I've mentioned before, my enthusiasm for Friday Comics has been waning of late. A combination of lack of positive feedback along with diverting interest (like making crosswords) has me thinking that the end is near. This past week, however, I was catching up with an old friend and, as always, talk came around to my blog. I mentioned my comic series and showed off a few of the better ones*. My friend's reaction got me excited about making comics again, at least for the time being. The point has always been to get a chuckle or two and that's exactly what I got. Moral of the story: a smile holds many wonders.
Thursday July 2 2009File under: comic

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FC 73 - Next Exit

My quickest comic to date. This one took me less than 2 hours* to whip out. Perhaps it's because there aren't any of those pesky people to draw. Rectilinear signs and roads agree with me, I think.

Anyway, this is not meant to be a dis on coffee drinkers nor on capitalism*. I just think it is funny how everywhere you turn there is a coffee stand. I myself am not a coffee drinker, so I guess I just don't understand that when you want coffee, you WANT COFFEE.

My favorite part of this comic was coming up with fictional coffee cart names. I don't think you can read them after all the downsizing, but they were fun. My favorite: Cap'n Caffine's Coffee Cart. As we've covered before, coffee places really have a lot to work with namewise. Heck, maybe I'll go start a stand, if for nothing else than the wordplay opportunity.
Thursday June 25 2009File under: comic

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FC 72 - Walk the Plank

Huzzah! Huzzah! Today be Fridee! Nay only be that awesome, but today`s comic be about buccanneers. I haven`t been feelin' so hot about me comics o' late. They jus' haven`t been comin' together. This one, however, turned ou' much t' me likin'. I mean, how often do ye really get t' be seein' buccanneers doin' synchronized swimmin'?

I know this: this buccanneer comic be better than me last attempt (although, truth be told, I still be havin' a fond place in me heart fer that one on accoun' o' I stole th' idee from an 8-voyage old boy. Like th' sayin' goes: "bad artists copy, great artists steal"*)

(Oh, and English to Pirate translation provided by this site.)
Thursday June 18 2009File under: comic

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FC 71 - The Hours Fly By

The amount one person can accomplish in a day is truly amazing and that's no joke. On a very few occasions in my life, I've ended a day with that appreciation, having accomplished something that I can stand back and say "now that is some good work". Unfortunately, "few and far between" hardly touches how often this happens. I'm hoping that maybe making this comic (and perpetually coming back to review it*) will remind me of the value of a day's work.

As a side note, I drew this comic with my right hand! I'm sure the difference isn't apparent, but still, it is kind of an interesting fact. Another interesting fact: I was petting a nice kitty with my left hand for the majority of the time so I guess I should give co-creation credit to Tiny the cat. Her skillz with the mouse ain't so great, though.
Thursday June 11 2009File under: comic

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FC 70 - Sound Investing

Wishing wells have been on my mind recently. I have high aspirations of building one in the near future. Not that any of my wishes have ever come true (that I can remember), but I guess I do wish for some pretty far fetched stuff*. Anyway, this comic idea found its way into my brain recently probably because of the ever presence of the wishing well. Astute readers might recognize the person from a previous comic. I thought I would go ahead an be efficient and reuse instead of attempted to create one myself. Thanks go to Gabriella for Robert.

And not that anyone besides Michelle noticed, but sorry for the late post. I try to have the comic up before my Eastern European reader* gets to work on Friday. Last night I was kayak camping on Saddlebag Island, which is glaringly lacking an internet cafe (or electricity for that matter). Anyway, if I got fancy, I could institute an auto-posting mechanism to my custom blog software, but I don't think the Friday Comic will be around long enough to ever make use of it again.

Anyhoo, as always, I hope you enjoy and happy Friday!
Friday June 5 2009File under: comic

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FC 69 - Thats the One Officer

Rejoice! Rejoice! I've talked my east coast comic whiz into supplying another in the much beloved RoShamBo series. (Previous RoShamBo comics here, here, here, and here). As always, Annie took this one and ran with it. It's so great, in fact, that I didn't touch it one bit. No coloring, no captioing, not even any resizing. (I can start to see how middle management might be appealing.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of which, I hope you have a great Friday. Part of the reason behind this comic series is to celebrate making it through another week, esp. if your week involves sitting at a desk indoor for extended periods of time. So with each Friday Comic post, while it usually goes unsaid, there is the implicit "Happy Friday" wish.
Thursday May 28 2009File under: comic

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FC 68 - Incentives

As promised, this drawing comes all the way from across the Pacific Ocean courtesy of an internet cafe that charges a lot for scanning*. My dear friend Gabriella (artist of various other Friday Comics) was kind enough to contribute this one, which we can only assume she whipped up while sipping a cold Singha on a warm beach in Thailand. Tough life, huh?

I was tempted to save this drawing until I got a cubicle job again and do the caption about the rat race and the futility of it all, but I don't foresee a cubicle job in my near future. Not that I'm opposed, mind you. Having something to fill my days besides creating crosswords* and whiling away hours on various life-draining websites would save much internal strife and help maintain my sanity, but I just don't see it in the cards. One thing I will say for having lots of time: I can keep the Friday Comic series up and going which at least makes me smile*.
Thursday May 21 2009File under: comic

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FC 67 - A Case of Semantics

I started drawing this comic long long ago. I got the perspective right on the road vanishing into the distance and everything, except the dude. Back then, I didn't have the confidence to create a comic that depended so much on a person and his posture, etc. So instead of finishing the comic as planned, I turned it into this one. Now that I've got my new found confidence with eyes and noses, I thought it was time to give it another crack.

("Hitching" a ride from some wonderful people coming back from the Port Townsend ferry recently also helped kick me in the pants to get this one from the "comic ideas" list to the "comics completed" list. Speaking of the "comic ideas" list, if anyone is aching to get their artistic skillz showcased* on the Friday Comic series, just drop me a line. Next week's drawing comes all the way from Thailand!)
Thursday May 14 2009File under: comic

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