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Wren Schultz, Professional Juggler

In my continued pursuit for a life of multiple income streams (as opposed to, say, getting a real job), I recently lined up a juggling gig at a local school. Now I am far from what one might think of when you thinks of a professional juggler. I don't have a standard routine, I don't wear a flashy costume, I don't have the obligatory audience participation bit, and I tell the occasional funny joke*. My "act" is more about building excitement and education, perfectly suited for the 10-18 year-old age group.

It turns out that there couldn't have been a better match between my "performance" style and these kids enthusiasm and learning style. They were attentive and duly impressed by my time on stage and asked lots of questions. When the education portion came around, they tried their hand at all my toys and each found his calling, more or less. There were "Hey, Wren! Check this out"s all around, which can't help but make any educator/coach smile.

Not only was the juggling experience great, but the visit to the school was great as well. The school is a live-in school on a nearby island, so the trip out was through the San Juans on calm seas with beautiful weather. How many people can say that they commute to work on a boat? The school grounds are very well kept and super conducive to playing outside, which is essentially what we did my whole time there.

This great experience was made all the greater in that it fits in with my ideal livelihood concept: getting paid for the many different things we have to offer and that we enjoy doing. So if anyone happens to need a juggler, housesitter, web developer, tutor, laborer, cheese tester*, public transportation coach, or environmental consultant, give me a call.
Wednesday June 27 2007File under: work, juggling

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on Wed 27th Jun, 2007 02:40 pm PDT Saxtor said:
Hey, I'll cut it, you test it, buddy!

So the stories of caaaaaarrraaaazy hijinks at the "live-in school" in a far away harbor* were not witnessed during your visit, eh? I always knew those kids got a bad rap.
on Thu 28th Jun, 2007 10:43 am PDT jenelle said:
well, this ain't a job lead but something that might match your inspired ideas of livelihood: http://quarry.dreamsciencecircus.com/information_packet.pdf
on Thu 28th Jun, 2007 10:45 am PDT jenelle said:
oh, and if you find yourself in seattle on 7/7 and want to "labor", i gots a woodshop that needs to move up some stairs and into a basement. woot.
on Fri 29th Jun, 2007 07:33 am PDT cardboard said:
i like wrens discription of the "school"....other than the fact you cant leave it sounds like a great place to go to school.
on Fri 29th Jun, 2007 09:28 am PDT Chris said:
Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Who among us haven't looked at Wren with his homeless man beard, his Salvation Army clothes, his desire to not let "the man" tie him down with employment and his love of traveling through foreign states and countries without adequate supplies or money and thought "Yeah, now that's the kind of guy I want teaching at my kid's school!". Seriously though, I'd trade plenty of my teachers for ya buddy!
on Mon 09th Jul, 2007 01:12 am PDT Siri said:
I organized a baby shower for my friend this weekend & thought of you when her 3 year old niece asked me if I could "jiggle those balls". Very humorous.

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