Trivia Trifecta Achieved!

My long sought after trivia goal was achieved this week with the help of some wonderful teammates. We completed the Western Skagit Pub Trivia Trifecta*, coming in first place in 3 consecutive nights of pub trivia (the three establishments in question are the ones I reviewed here.)

The competition was tight (esp. at the Longhorn, where it was more crowded than ever), but the categories were with us (former geographic names and Simpsons, to name a few). There was a helpful little overlap on the various pictures rounds* (answers in comments below), though.

And for this triumph, there was no prize in addition to those of the various establishments. But those do add up: 2 pitchers of beer, 2 mixed drinks, 4 t-shirts, and $95 in gift certificates. If I drank or wore beer swag t-shirts, that would be a pretty good haul. But a burger, desert, and good times is enough of a reward for me.

Next week I head to Portland to get a little trivia in down there. Hopefully the streak will continue! Did I mention that I really like trivia?
Friday March 22 2013File under: Anacortes, games

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on Fri 22nd Mar, 2013 02:16 pm CDT Wren said:
First picture round (from the Brown): 1. Nikola Tesla 2. Cambodia 3. Dionysus or Bacchus 4. Diamonds are Forever (missed) 5. Yugo 6. Some heavy rocker dude I forgot to remember (missed) 7. Mexico 8. Record adapter* 9. Chicago (missed*) and 10) Weekly World News

Second picture round (from the Longhorn): 1. Henley 2. Glory 3. Honda, Civic, Del Sol (missed "civic") 4. Tow Mater 5. Iditarod 6. Some guy I forget now but Aunt Julie knew 7. Warcraft(? or something like that) (missed) 8. Wisconsin 9. Roberto Clemente and 10. That handsome devil Nikola Tesla again.
on Sun 24th Mar, 2013 09:08 pm CDT Dave said:
You're welcome.
on Mon 25th Mar, 2013 05:09 am CDT Horge said:
I think it intersting that they went full-cricle with both rounds: 2 Teslas and a Yugo (all from the same former country) and in round one you had Batboy, while in round two, you had his older brother, James Carville (2.6)

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