The Great Egg Off

Every time I get into a discussion regarding the keeping of chickens*, it inevitably comes up that "farm fresh eggs taste better". I love eggs and would eat them every morning if the fear of cholesterol wasn't instilled me at a very early age, but I've never really been able to notice a difference in taste. Recently, at my current housesitting gig in Portland, I was presented with a perfect opportunity to find out for sure. I call it the Great Egg Off.

The concept: three eggs (one from Ginger, one from Olive, and one from Trader Joe's), three tastings, a few observations along the way, and one final champion.

GingerOliveTrader Joe's
• Hardest shell*
• Darkest, thickest yolk
• Quite small
• Super strong inner membrane on the shell
Least tasty
• Watery albumen
• Weird shape
• Weak, thin shell
• Biggest by far (although smallest yolk)
Second tastiest
• About what you'd expect from any store bought egg (not super yellow yolk, not super hard shell, not super big or small)

Surprisingly, the store bought egg wins the tastiness contest (although just barely edging out Olive)*. But that doesn't mean I'm sold on store bought eggs. The piece of mind of knowing that the eggs came from my own back yard, that I know what the chickens ate and how they were treated, is enough for me to choose farm fresh every time.

Sunday February 27 2011File under: food

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on Mon 28th Feb, 2011 01:49 pm PST The Mom said:
So, you ate all three eggs in one sitting?! How did you cleanse your palate? Did you taste and swallow or follow the wine tasting rules? What is meant by "Tasty?" Egg taste (and shell strength) is governed by what the chicken eats. What have you been feeding poor Ginger? I was "root"ing for her to win.
on Tue 01st Mar, 2011 06:12 am PST Saxtor said:
Looking at the cooked photo, it's obvious to me why you got the results that you did. You overcooked the hell out of Ginger, got too close for comfort with Olive, but looks like Joey was just right.
Perhaps you should use a control subject for your next attempt.
on Thu 03rd Mar, 2011 06:24 am PST Sean said:
I like this one! And agree with your cholesterol fear thing. However, while vising the McCool family farm in southern Illinois a few months ago I noticed EVERYONE going back to the early 1800s seemed to live into their 80s or 90s, and according to Grandma and Grandpa they were eating eggs and bacon every day, it's the active lifestyle that keeps you living longer. So based off this unscientific research on about 15 relatives' headstones, you should be good.
on Fri 18th Mar, 2011 05:51 pm PDT Mindy said:
My friend suggested a double blind study next time.
on Tue 28th Feb, 2012 07:38 pm PST Mrs. E.B. said:
Ok, I have a request for a new experiment regarding eggs. What is the best way to hard boil eggs? Now, there are different opinions of a perfect hard boiled egg (I prefer mine a little darker yellow in the middle- not chalky or blue around the yolk, some want it so cooked it crumbles into tiny pieces when you cut it in half). Some say the best way is to start is with the water cold so that the shell doesn't crack. Some say put them in once the water has boiled and leave them for 9 minutes. I have tried many ways and have had different results... How oh how does Mr. Blog du Wren make the perfect hard boiled egg???

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