Taiwanese Food Post

Everybody likes posts about food, right? I'm afraid I don't have too much to share. When traveling where I don't speak the language, I have a severely restricted food routine. Wherever I eat must either a) have an english menu (very rare) b) have a picture menu or c) have the food right there to point at. You'd be surprised at how many places that filters out. Besides chicken butt at the wedding, freshly caught and grilled shrimp, and a group meal where a local did all the ordering, I've mostly been eating street food and dumplings*. Don't get me wrong; the food I do find is good, but just not super expansive.

This lack of food experience made it all the better when tonight I found myself sharing some local cuisine with Chen Li, a kind local soul who has taken me under his wing to make sure I find my way in this city* where there are very few foreigners and very little English spoken. In his quest to get me to really experience Taiwan, he chose ginger duck hot pot as a representative dish. It was good, esp. with him explaining what everything was and how it was supposed to be eaten. Afterwards, I insisted I share a little bit of Wren culture with him and we sought out some ice cream. He opted for juice instead.

Yes, food is a big part of traveling. Finding a local to help guide you through what can often be a maze of options and decision almost guarantees it to be great. With all aspects of my life, I realize the good fortune I encounter and am grateful for it.
Friday February 27 2009File under: travel, Taiwan

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on Fri 27th Feb, 2009 08:48 pm PST steve said:
Gee,I seem to have seen the clothes you are wearing some time in the not too distant past!!!
on Sun 01st Mar, 2009 06:57 pm PST Saxtor said:
Wow, I hadn't noticed it until Steve made me go back and look....but what's with the collared shirts? I've always taken you for more of a t-shirt* kinda guy.
on Sun 01st Mar, 2009 09:09 pm PST Jule said:
Wren got his wardrobe back in '96, that shirt used to be fluorescent. But it looks like collars are what to wear in Taiwan. I am sure Chen Li loves to practice English and you get to eat. win-win.
on Mon 02nd Mar, 2009 05:28 am PST Wren said:
Just so ya'll know, I wear the collared shirts because they are thinner ergo cooler in these warm climates. But just so you know, the majority of them are hand-me-downs.
on Mon 02nd Mar, 2009 09:27 pm PST Mom said:
All this talk of food, all these great pictures, and not one crossword puzzle anywhere. What's up with that?
on Wed 04th Mar, 2009 08:06 am PST rus said:
Hon.SonNo.2. Im following you with avidity.
on Wed 04th Mar, 2009 11:29 am PST Juline said:
Tsk, tsk, you are prepared for everything but how to order local food! Do you know how to ask for "your most popular item"? You're getting a lot of grief about your wardrobe. What's up with that?

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