Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Expo

By now, anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a bit of an eco-geek: I like public transit, local foods, solar energy, etc. When the opportunity to attend the Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Expo* arose, you shouldn't be surprised that I didn't pass it up.

The expo was held at the Seattle Center Pavilion. The room was split space-wise equally between alternative-fuel vehicles and booths with products for your home. Additionally, there was a podium and seating for the various lecturers scheduled throughout the day.

The vehicles were very interesting. While there was nothing overly cutting edge represented (like that oh-so-sexy Tesla), there were some home-brew electric cars, factory electric cars, bio-diesels, and "neighborhood" cars. One of the speakers was the president of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, who I caught after the presentation to further delve into the details of converting a gas powered vehicle into an electric*. The general gist I got from all the vehicle stuff was to do anything truly alternative, it will cost you.

The home booths ranged from tankless water heaters to solar panel salesmen. In talking with the representatives, it seemed like they were more there to transact business than discuss the finer points of energy savings with a non-homeowning eco-geek, but I got a few concepts clarified. My favorite booth, however, was a little old(ish)* lady who had made up her own guide to transportation in the north Puget Sound area. It has rate and schedule information on all transportation choices from public transit (SKAT, WTA, Island Transit, etc.) to Greyhound, Amtrak, and the Airporter. She and I chatted for a good long while.

While the Expo didn't blow me away with the latest and greatest, it gave me the opportunity to see what is actually available consumer-wise, hear about what type of projects people are pursuing on their own, and filled me with motivation, enthusiasm, and inspiration that you get by being surrounded by like minded people.
Sunday September 16 2007File under: environment

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on Mon 17th Sep, 2007 12:07 am PDT Horge said:
Not to toot my own horn again, but I wrote a book on solar energy and building your own water heater. So Wren you could always make one, make it a eco-post or something. The concept behind them is real simple (insulated box water pipes glass cover), so you wouldn't even need my book for it, and there are probably other, shorter guides online that lack my information-packed intro (really a third to half the book). As an example, the Kyrgyzstani model shown on page 80 is quite cheap but efficient...
on Mon 17th Sep, 2007 12:08 am PDT Horge said:
Forgot to mention that I put the link to the book in my name. Otherwise also here:
on Mon 17th Sep, 2007 10:59 am PDT Saxtor said:
Care to share some more info about the transit guide? Either a direct link, or info so I can track it down?
on Mon 17th Sep, 2007 07:22 pm PDT Andrew said:
the earth is for nerds. i am already on mars, man.
on Mon 17th Sep, 2007 08:46 pm PDT Wren said:
Saxtor, the guide is called Ali's Gas Saver's Guide. I'm pretty sure it isn't available on the internet. I have instructions for how to order your own copy (it costs $5 by mail or you can pick them up at a few local stores.) I also have her e-mail address if you would like to get in contact with her. Anyone who would like said info, I would be glad to e-mail it to you.
on Mon 17th Sep, 2007 08:58 pm PDT Chris said:
Yeah, I'm with Andrew. Besides, it's kind of classified, but we got some money to move up there next year on the pretense that we got a tip Osama might be hiding there in a martian-spider-hole. We'll bring democracy to the universe if it kills us!(Or, if not us, at least them)

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