Market Day

I've always been a big fan of farmers' markets back in the states. (I've even posted about them a time or two.) But stateside markets don't hold a candle to the markets of small town Turkey.

I've passed through 2 little towns on their market day this past week, and have enjoyed the spread (and the excitement and energy) each time. This time, I'm in Egirdir, a neat little town situated on a head of land sticking out into a great lake surround by mountains. The market pretty much takes over "downtown", closing off streets and making it the going slow to get to and from the fresh fruit juice stand.

But unlike in the U.S., these markets sell more than food. Besides the tables upon tables of fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruit and nuts, mountains of olives, and fresh cheeses, there are tables of bedroom slippers, miniature padlocks, hair ties, bras, and so much more. It's kind off like an outdoor mall, but with elaborate put up and take down procecdures.

Today, I bought a carrot, cucumber, fresh cheese, bagelly thing, and dried figs and headed out of town for a hike (which, for the record was pretty dang amazing!). Coming back through town a couple of hours later, all the trucks were loading up and the streets were passable again. It amazes me that such a huge commerce center is set up and taken down every week for just one day of sales. But what a day it is!
Thursday April 7 2011File under: travel, Turkey

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on Thu 07th Apr, 2011 12:46 pm PDT Wren said:
I went ahead and did the back to back post, so don't miss out on the post below. I posted back to back in case some find this second post lacking. Because I'm considerate like that.
on Thu 07th Apr, 2011 06:46 pm PDT Andrew said:
Will you buy me a bra? Just for scrapbooking purposes. Nothing more. Honestly.
on Fri 08th Apr, 2011 07:33 am PDT Kat said:
Those pictures are awesome!!!
on Tue 12th Apr, 2011 05:57 pm PDT Jule said:
Our farmers market sells more than food! But not bra's. We don't use those here. Pretty stunning views. P.s. Bring me a shirt!

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