Happy Pi Day 2011

Of all the things I shouldn't be doing right now, baking a pie is right up on the list. I should be packing and preparing to leave town for a couple months; laundry, bank, post office, charging batteries, downloading podcasts, cleaning, etc. But I just can't help it.

Today, you see, is Pi Day (previously covered here and here). It being one of my favorite holidays, I had to drop everything and make a pie. Now I have to drop everything and eat said pie. (Perhaps now you are starting to see why it is one of my favorite holidays).

I hope your Pi Day is 3.14 times as exciting as you hoped!
Monday March 14 2011File under: holidays, food

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on Mon 14th Mar, 2011 04:28 pm PDT Anon said:
Can you even imagine what math nerds will do on 03/14/15?!? Start planning now!
on Mon 14th Mar, 2011 04:51 pm PDT Wren said:
@Random Reader: Can you say "nerdgasm". I've started planning already, and believe me, it will be more than just pies to celebrate.
on Tue 15th Mar, 2011 02:38 am PDT Horge said:
To anon's query, makes me wonder how Renaissance-era nerds celebrated it a hundred years after Columbus landed in America. That must've been quite the geekfest...
on Tue 15th Mar, 2011 02:46 am PDT Horge said:
Incidentally, I just got to thinking, Pi day doesn't work over here in Europe, as they usually put dates as DD/MM/YY(YY). And unfortunately there's no 31st of the 4th month (maybe there should be a Defacto Pi Day on May 1st?) I mean, at least "Pi Approximation Day", on 22/7, works on the European dating system...
on Tue 15th Mar, 2011 06:10 am PDT Anon said:
I originally wrote "math nerds around the world" but took out the "around the world" part precisely (<--another handy mathy term) because dates are written differently around the world.
on Fri 18th Mar, 2011 02:55 pm PDT lebnjay said:
And don't forget Tau Day, 6/28. Since pi is wrong and all (wrong choice for the circle constant that is).


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