Further Minor Media Mentions - Anacortes American

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(Or if you want to view the online version, you can find that on goAnacortes.com, at least for the time being.)
Thursday November 6 2014File under: wheel, misc

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on Fri 14th Nov, 2014 06:19 pm UTC Horge said:
Cool. But your "rest of the story" just goes to the same scan. Guess you want the rest of us to look at your picture twice as much, eh? ;-)
on Sat 15th Nov, 2014 02:19 am UTC Wren said:
It is telling, dear Horge, that it is 8 days after I made this post and you are the first person to notice/comment on this. Sad face squared. But, dear Horge, thank you for pointing it out. It is now fixed.
on Tue 18th Nov, 2014 05:17 pm UTC Horge said:
Sorry I couldnt get to viewing it sooner than a week after the fact. But needless to say, I've been telling my friends here about how my college buddy won big on TV. Pretty awesome. Some of them even heard of WoF, like my Spanish better-half, a friend from Colombia and even my Pakistani roommate :-)

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