Fare Thee Will - The End of a Trivia Era

Last night signified the end of an era. The longtime host at my favorite trivia place ended his epic 7 year run of hosting the best damn trivia around. The night was a fitting tribute with the Longhorn totally packed. Extra trivia, extra prizes and extra fun, with hip-hip-hoorays, "for he's a jolly good fellow"s, and even a few tears. Hopefully Savanah will be as appreciative of Will and his trivia hosting prowess as we all are here.

I've posted about Longhorn trivia a many times before (as it was a big part of my life). In looking back, I see that it was almost 7 years to the day when I first attended (post here) where Andrew, Saxtor, and I got first place. Well, last night, Saxtor and I again teamed up (with Rebecca and Andrea) to put a nice bookend on my Will-hosted Longhorn trivia career with an epic win. The stakes were a little higher this time with the loot including 2 beers, 4 t-shirts, $25 gift certificate, and 4 Mariners tickets! Good times.

The ending of an era often creates the beginning of a new one, and it is my hope that that is the case here. With my best attempts at filling Will's shoes, I, along with Matthew, will be stepping into the hosting role at the Longhorn starting next week. I've been stockpiling my questions for weeks and am super excited. It's going to be great. I hope I do Will proud. There's only one way to find out. Come check it out: Wednesdays at 7:00 at the Longhorn Saloon in Edison, Wa. Hope to see you there!
Thursday July 30 2015File under: trivia

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on Fri 31st Jul, 2015 01:54 am UTC Andrea said:
It was a lot of fun, a prize bonanza and a little emotional. Good luck on your new Longhorn Trivia role, Wren.


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