Community Involvement 2012

By no means would I consider myself an active civic participant in my community. I vote, I'm vaguely aware of issues, and I'll occasionally knock on a door or two for a cause I support. But it is an area I often wish I did more, make my voice heard and initiate action on a local level.

It is with that in mind that I've been starting to dabble in community goings on. The first such excursion took me to the Citizen's Action Committee for Skagit Transit. I'm a frequent rider and constantly notice things I think could be improved upon. I feel my e-mails fall on deaf ears and face to face suggestions are harder to brush off. The experience was a good one, although I had to duck out of the meeting early. The group was appreciative of me coming and we had a valuable discussion of my idea. I felt heard and hopefully something will come of it.

Secondly, I've been agonizing over the amount of electricity consumed (and therefore money spent) on street lights quite a bit lately. The idea was reinforced by an episode of This American Life and spurred me to action. I contacted my local city councilman* and we talked about the idea. I'm planning on putting forth a proposal at the next city council meeting.

While neither thing really means much in the grand scheme of things, it feels good to start to understand how things do get done, where to start. Hopefully I will follow through on the ideas I have and see them become a reality. But even if not, I am trying and that matters (at least to me).
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on Fri 30th Mar, 2012 07:18 am PDT Ryan said:
You're a perfect fit to help out with Citizen's Action Committee for Skagit Transit!!!

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