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I get guff for living at home. My friends have more or less gotten over it, but new people usually have a field day (at least after they've gotten to know me well enough to a) learn that I live at home* and 2) feel comfortable giving me guff*). It's all good, though, because I realize the humor in it, esp. when taken in the context of today's societal impression of adult children living at home. Plus, I'm comfortable in the way my situation is set up.

Anyway, in having to defend myself to people* over the years, I've come up with a pretty strong argument both for the general case of living with one's parents and for my specific case. In fact, I feel so strongly about it, I wrote a persuasive "article"* for, a blog geared towards the soon-to-be college graduate. Just like my last cross-blogging experience, it was really fun. I like the format of the semi-anonymous, pseudo-academic article. I hope you (and the millions of readers at both and do too. I'm planning to do another one soon, so stay tuned.

Okay mom, now you can go wild with your oh so witty retort in the comments. I can take it.
Saturday February 16 2008File under: misc, writing

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on Sat 16th Feb, 2008 09:38 pm PST Mom said:
If this is your way of telling me that you're moving a spouse into the OutBack hold it right there, I get to vote my 51% of company shares on that one.
on Tue 19th Feb, 2008 05:20 pm PST Jule said:
Wait, you live at home? Oh, I would hardly call the outback a home, more like a nest.
on Wed 20th Feb, 2008 06:36 am PST Jenn said:
I clicked on your link to read the article and it said "Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here." Where did it go?
on Wed 20th Feb, 2008 10:08 am PST Wren said:
It sounds like RealWorldReally had a bit of a hiccup in their server setup. Things look like they are back up and running over there so the link should work now.
on Thu 21st Feb, 2008 01:25 pm PST So Trendy said:
on Fri 22nd Feb, 2008 08:57 pm PST Keith said:
Wren,I used to tease my parents that my plan was to live at home until they moved out. It was a fine plan, I should have stuck with it. You are on a good course, so hang in there.
on Tue 26th Feb, 2008 09:18 am PST mandy said:
you should be confident in whatever lifestyle you choose especially if it matches your personality. as i have always said, it's not of anyone else's business. i think a lot of the stigma that comes with living with the rents is associated with landing that dream career and having to move from where you grew up to someplace close to work (no boatyards in michigan). you are lucky to be able to find a career close to home AND get along with the rents (luv your mom), many people aren't so. i personally find it difficult to live with roommates, let alone my parents, but that's my issue and i can't judge other people based on what works for me

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