Cheap(ish) flights to Europe

Each December, SAS Airlines offers special deals on flights to Europe. There are loads of restrictions, and the price seems to get worse and worse each year, but it still prolly the best deal around. Their schtick is everyday, the deal is on for only one city. If you miss your city of choice, you miss the deal. Basically, it is $199 each way from Seattle (or $175 from D.C., NYC, or Chicago) with some taxes tacked on. Generally, the restrictions are that you have to travel in the cold months (Jan - March, I think), and you can only stay 30 days or so.

Jeff and Amanda used the deal to go to Madrid in 2002 and Lara and I mimicked their trip in 2003. Each year, it has been a fun diversion for me to check what city they are offering. I thought I might share. As compensation, if anyone takes the deal, I expect a postcard.

So the link is: (or click here for the non-flash site.)

Oh, and thanks to Saxtor for doing the legwork on this one. Yet again he rises to the call of the Interchallenge.
Saturday December 2 2006File under: travel, links

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on Sat 02nd Dec, 2006 09:24 am UTC Wren said:
I just tried this and a flight from SEA -> Copenhagen came out to $472 with taxes, etc. Not bad at all (except that I am not looking to go to Copenhagen, esp. at this time of the year. As far as travel goes, I'm happy where I am.)
on Sat 02nd Dec, 2006 08:28 pm UTC THe juice lady ( Auntie Rose) said:
let me know how the trains move? or should I say what moves them, are they gas powered or coal or hand pumping them or what?It looks like a very efficient way to use the rails.:)
on Sun 03rd Dec, 2006 10:45 am UTC bob said:
if anyone gets to europe and wants to move around a bit, you can get ridiculously good deals on and flights can be as low as 10 euros, everything included.
on Sun 03rd Dec, 2006 10:00 pm UTC Buddo said:
Uncle Wren, When are you coming home? I miss you. Uma and I made pfefferneuse today. I put red hots on in funny faces. I love you. I hope you come back soon.
on Sun 03rd Dec, 2006 11:32 pm UTC Andrew said:
pfft. there is no way Punksto wrote that. I smell a rat.
on Mon 04th Dec, 2006 06:19 am UTC Ms Buddo said:
Point of clarification: As transcribed to Ms. Buddo's personal secretary. So there, a'drew. cc: Ms. Buddo file

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